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Google adding Fingerprint scanners based Unlocking for upcoming Chromebooks



Chromebooks have come a long way now, from the first one. Now Google has promised to bring Android apps to the platform as well. Well, these are mostly software-level developments. But when it comes to hardware support and hardware development, things are not looking that good. It is high time that the manufacturers go ahead and start developing some neat hardware to go with the advancement. The latest Chromebook to hit the market is the Acer’s Chromebook R13. With this one, Acer is trying to take on the tablet and convertible laptop market.

One of the major development areas of focus should be security. It is expected that all the upcoming Chromebooks could also start having support for the fingerprint scanner. Yes, fingerprint scanners are nothing new to the market. Almost all the smartphones coming these days have a fingerprint scanner, regardless of the price of the device. In fact, few of Windows laptops are also coming with this hardware feature now. And it is also expected that MacBooks are also going to feature TouchID fingerprint recognition.

Google Play Store available on ChromeOS Beta on Chromebooks under Developer Preview

Biometrics are an added security feature to your device, and they do add an extra level of security for your device. However, it comes with a price. And we all know that Chromebooks are usually priced at an affordable range. So it may not be possible for manufacturers to add an extra hardware within the budget. But with the developments on the software side, we can expect that to happen soon. and with Tablet market going down rapidly, it is just about the time that the Chromebook makers and Chrome OS developers step up their game and do something about it. So we just have to wait and see how it goes and what we as consumers get at the end. Stay tuned to Phone Radar for more detailed info in future.


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