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Glassy Pro One Waterproof Smartwatch is Designed for Surfers – Details



Glassy Pro One Smartwatch for Surfers

The smartwatches and fitness bands haven’t come long way yet as we would be diving or swimming in the deep of the oceans. Even though, few smartwatches are IP67 rated, but you wouldn’t like your pricey smartwatch to take inside the pool, so much as near the ocean. That’s where a purpose-built device comes in like the recently announced Glassy Pro One sportsband for surfers.

Glassy Pro One Smartwatch for Surfers

Introduced by the Spanish company, which has a popular app called Glassy Pro, now come up with a smartwatch for surfers, giving a more practical approach to the surfers than taking the smartwatch out to surf. The device not only has a body built for surfing, but it has the features like tracking surf sessions, meteorological conditions of each session. As well as you can easily track the number of waves that you get on the session.

Coming in the three color options, Black, Green and Blue, the stylish looking smartwatch offers a range of tracking features like, tracking the speed you take on a wave, as well as the time you are riding on a wave. It all matters to surfers, and that’s all he/she will get out of it.

Of course, the device allows users to share their sessions with friends, as well as the Pro watch makes it easier to find your next wave as it is capable to tap into a database of almost 6000 surf locations around the world. It also allows users to add and edit the location details keeping the surfing community up to date.

Currently, there are no details available regarding the specs sheet of hardware as well as software. So, pretty much, all known about the watch is that it has dedicated features for the surfers. The water resistant rating for the device is a key part here, as well as how much pressure it can take because the waves as tall as 20 foot would have high-pressure points.

The device is available for pre-order at $279, and according to the company the shipping starts in the summer of 2015.

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