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PhoneRadar Mega Giveaway – August 2017

Update: August Giveaway Ended & Closed.

The August Giveaway has ended and followed are the winners. We will message you all and you will have 24 hours to claim the prizes. Expect a message from @PhoneRadarBlog

Samsung J7 NXT –
Jio Phone –
Jio Phone –
Jio Phone –
Jio Phone –
Jio Phone –
Nokia 105 –
JioFi –
Amazon Tripod –
World’s Smallest Phone –
Honor 3 Band –
Titan Fastrack Fitness Band –
Amazon Fire TV –
Amazon Nano Speaker –
Amazon Basics Speaker –
Xiaomi Powerbank 2 –
PhoneRadar Mug –
PhoneRadar Mug –
PhoneRadar Mug –
PhoneRadar Mug –
PhoneRadar Mug –
PhoneRadar Mug –
PhoneRadar Mug –
PhoneRadar Mug –
PhoneRadar Mug –

Winners of Rs 500 Amazon Gift Vouchers of the Tech Quiz are mentioned below

Congratulations everyone. If you didn’t win, don’t worry another Giveaway coming soon.

August 2017 Mega Giveaway

Welcome to the August Giveaway from PhoneRadar where we are going to Giveaway 5 Jio Phones, Samsung J7 NXT Smartphone, Honor 3 Band, Titan Fastrack Fitness Band, Amazon Fire TV, Amazon Nano Speaker, Amazon Basics Speaker, Xiaomi Powerbank 2 & many more goodies in this Giveaway.

How to Join?
Follow the Mentioned Steps & the Tasks few of which are daily tasks that once done will give you additional entries.

Winner Selection
The most active followers on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram & YouTube will win these prizes. Multiple Prizes, Multiple Winners & We will keep an eye on the YouTube Comments, People who share our Videos & also our articles on other platforms.

Stay Tuned & Good Luck Everyone

  • Sandipan Chakraborty (SANDY)

    Hi amit

  • Excited, can’t wait to win! I’m already in, so pls count me ✌️

    • Active here since more than 18 months now, my hard luck won’t get me a good smartphone yet! ? Anyway thanks 🙂

      I don’t think I can be active much as I used to be till now!

  • Nilesh Prabhu

    Truly Mega Giveaway??

  • Jitendra Sakariya

    This is awsome.. We are always here for best tech updates..!! ?

  • Lohit NA

    Thank you for give away sir
    Biggest fan of u

  • Swapnil Potdar

    Already following just waiting to win biggest giveaway tried from the start still waiting for win big in #giveaway Amit Sir.

    • Hey what do you mean by “still waiting for win big” !!

      Didn’t you win the last giveaway, the Honor6X?!

  • Vasu Sumanth Chowdary

    yes followed long back.


    following on all the social networking platform from a long time 🙂

  • Vamshi Odela

    heyy bro.. I am watching ur videos on youtube since from 26 Jul 2011

  • Abhi Shek S


  • Ashwani Tiwari


  • Ashwani Tiwari

    Sir hame KY milega

  • Gauri Mohammad Nadeem

    Bhai ? aaj Tak kbhi Giveaway ? nhi mela shayad aapke HaaTo se mil JaYe

  • Aakash Prajapati

    Great One Sir…!!

  • sanjay lalwani

    truly superb work bhai appriciate

  • Rizwan Naroo

    Jii sir

  • Shabaz Ali

    Really a Mega giveaway!!

  • Ritik Jha

    Want to win anything bcoz I want to win a giveaway big fan of yours?

  • sandeep nayak

    Really wanna win this giveaway n

  • Deepank Shokeen

    Nice waiting for it

  • Os

    Best of luck everyone 🙂

  • Swaraj Kumar Nath

    That’s great sir

  • anirban halder

    Wooooow awesome sir …

  • Ishan Gupta


  • Md Hussain


  • Anmol

    Waiting for it sir u r best amoung other tech youtubers

  • Md Hussain


  • Gauri Mohammad Nadeem

    I’m ready amit bahi Jio4G keyboard mobile ke leYe ?

  • AKHIL Patil


  • youtube fun

    chaa gya jio

  • Shuvajit

    Sir I’m want a jio feature phone. ?

  • Nadeem Nevarekar

    Waiting for big *boom* giveaway like SAMSUNG NOTE 7

  • Tejas Dua

    Yeah. ?

  • Sarvesh Parab

    Waiting for the give away????

  • Sarvesh Parab

    @AmitBhawani Sir meko konse bhi phone ya android ke tv ke give away me kijiye??

  • Raghav anand

    Waiting for the giveaway… Following your videos on youtube from past two or three months…. Awesome stuff…. And best collaborations with technical guruji and geeky ranjit..

  • Manav Bansal

    aacha hai waiting for 1st august



  • Swapnil Potdar

    Hope to win this time big prize Amit sir

  • Eagerly waiting.. I hope it starts at midnight today! ?

  • Kavya Seetala

    I already follow on all the channels.I’m in.:)

  • Technical Dev


  • Sri Ram Tarun

    i’d love the mi powerbank or the honor band

  • I’m in ?

  • Dipanjan Roy

    I want honor band 3

  • Khushal Joshi

    Amazon fire stick and xiaomi power bank 2 are my favorite

  • Tejas Dua

    Accha hai <3 sab kuch hi but obviously ek phone better hai sbse hi coz you know :p value

    Btw amazon basics ke medium sized speakers are my fvrt <3

  • Harry Malhotra

    Thanks for the great and huge giveaway

  • Manoj

    Hope to win Samsung J7 next

  • Samit

    Every prize you’re offering is great

  • Rahul Agrawal

    My favt prize is honor band 3 and mi powerbank

  • Suraj Mandal

    want to win a smartphone to gift it to my mum, she’ll b lovin it…
    but anything will b good..

  • Vikram Shastry

    That’s a lot of prizes to be won, thank you so much for the opportunity. My favorite among all the product is Samsung J7 NXT Smartphone, i know it’s not a good phone in this price segment. but still should be a better performing phone than my lenovo a7000.

  • Jhund Life Being An Engineer

    Want to win

  • Om Sawant

    I want honor band 3

  • dev adnani

    Amazon Fire Stick !!

  • Sandeep Samal

    Hope I win the Amazon basics speakers.

  • bsuresh

    i like to win samsung j7 nxt

  • Bhavesh Panse

    PhoneRadar I had tried many times lets hope for the best

  • Shantam Seth

    Jio phone or Amazon Fire tv

  • Gurpreet Singh

    Kya baat hey bhai no random winner means I have a chance ✌

  • Akshay Naik

    Thanks for the Giveaway. My Favourite Prize is Samsung Mobile

  • Sai Kiran Goud

    I’m so excited..
    And I addicted all your videos…

  • Jashank Bhatia

    JioPhone is the one and only think I need to it .#phoneradar #giveaway

  • Suman Bera

    My favourite prise is Samsung J7 NXT then Jio Phone then Amazon Fire TV

  • Harry Malhotra

    I want to win Amazon Fire TV

  • pritesh shah

    Such a huge giveaway

  • Rama Shelke


  • Akshay Sonker

    Samsung J7 NXT


    My favourite prize Samsung Galaxy J7Nxt

  • Sãñchit Dixit

    Jo bhe gift app pyaar se dedo❤❤

  • Abhishek Mishra

    Honor 3 band please sir

  • Manav Bansal

    wanna see the results at the end………

  • Deepank Shokeen

    My favourite prize is The Samsung j7nxt

  • Krunal

    Wohoo..!! Biggest wish to win this Time Sir, Thanks a lot Team 🙂 and All the very best to all.. 🙂

  • Deep patel

    Good logic for give away?

  • Ballava Narayan

    prize he mujhe kuch bhi de do chalega

  • Rjt Rawat

    I’m happy with any one

  • Abdul Hannan Baagvan

    I want jio fhone

  • tanay

    sir RESPECT i love your videos you keep the content real

  • Jaydeep

    Amazon fire Stick and Mi power bank

  • Kapil Dev

    My favourite prize is samsung smartphone

  • Rahul R

    Samsung J7 NXT is my favorite of the bunch….

  • Vineesh

    anything is fine for me

  • Vinay Chowdary Sarupuru

    I Like Samsung J7 NXT Smartphone… Thank you Amit sir…

  • Kunal Chaudhary

    I want xiaomi power bank 2.

  • Rohan Patel

    I need Xiaomi power bank 2 please sir

  • Dear, Why are you using Disqus when you can use WordPress comments with jetpack integration ?

  • Arpit Vaid

    Jio phone ??

  • Arnesh Saxena

    Actually a nice idea for giveaway

  • Subhadeep Das

    amazon basic tripod

  • Pranit Patole

    fire stick or bluetooth headphone

  • Ayush Soni

    I need Honor band ?

  • Abhishek Kumar Nagla

    Samsung j7 nxt

  • AnAs

    Samsung galaxy J7 nxt ❤??

  • md anas

    Smallest phone 🙂

  • Ishan Gupta

    I m your big fan…I was waiting for it..please give me


    awsome. kya baat..thanks . I am loving this site and the youtube channel

  • Sohil khan

    Sir give me a j7 nxt plzzzz???

  • Vedaksha Joshi


  • Benny R

    I would be happy if I get the Jio phone or J7 Nxt, want to give it to my dad. He uses an old broken Samsung phone.

  • Swapnil Tirthakar

    Amazing. I would love to win Amazon Fire Stick.

  • Nikhil Gupta

    FIGNERS CROSSED…..hope to win

  • Shubham Kholkar

    Phone radar is bst source on utube

  • Agniva Ghoshal

    Can I win a phone ??? Big fan of you

  • Rohit Adhikary

    Sir aapne tesla book kiya tha woh a geya?

  • Abhishek Kumar Nagla

    I want samsung j7 nxt or amazon fire stick

  • Nadeem Nevarekar

    Good Concept for giveaway. JiFi

  • Karthik Bhat

    Better than gleam

  • Durgesh Kumar

    Titan Fastrack Fitness Band

    I love to win this, because I’ve never seen a fitness band, yaaa It’s true I’ve never seen any fitness band…
    And I’m a big fan of yours..

  • Blaze Tech News

    Hey Amit Sir maza aa gya is giveaway ke baare me jaan ke

  • Lohit NA

    Finaly the day came

  • Kunal Chaudhary

    If i dont win u will have badluck for next 5 years. Share this to everyone or u will die. Lol…………..

  • Anish Chanda

    Mi Power Bank 2

  • p devraj

    Jiophone ,, …

  • Ayush Srivastava

    Jio phone and Phone radar Mug

  • jay dave

    my fav is all but j7 is better than my phone

  • Gopalakrishnan P

    I like Samsung j7 nxt most in the list… I will be happy if I win something

  • Shiv P Singh

    I want Samsung phone

  • Ayush Srivastava

    Sir I am not on FB or Instagram. I am only on Twitter. So Sir sorry for that task

  • Subhash Choudhary

    Samsung j7 NXT

  • Supriyo Chakraborty

    It’s a mega giveaway thank you amit sir for thinking us.

  • Rajdeep Roy

    Amazon Fire Stick

  • Deepak Khatik

    All the prizes are equally good.

  • Anand Vivek

    Want to upgrade my redmi1s hope to win

  • NCK

    I will win at least one giveaway ???☝??✌??

  • Robert Pulfer

    Samsung J7 NXT Smartphone.

  • Rajvir Singh

    Samsung J7 NXT Smartphone.

  • Gurpreet Singh

    Samsung J7 NXT ?

  • Deepak Singhroha

    My favourite prize is jiophone

  • Balshiram Gayakhe

    JIO Phone

  • Ekant Sukheja

    My favourite thing is mi powerbank and amazon speaker.

  • Ana George

    So cool one , thank you 😉 I am in love with Samsung J7 NXT Smartphone 🙂 !

  • Sadam Visar

    Done everything i would like to won Samsung J7 #Fingercrossed

  • Yashwant Pareek

    JIO fi router

  • Ritik Singh

    Samsung j7 max

  • AKHIL Patil

    I would consider my self lucky if I win any of the THING from this giveaway coz i never win any of the giveaway !

  • abhijeet kaushal

    My favourite devices would be Amazon fire stick and Xiaomi Power Bank 2.

  • Sarvesh Parab

    Waiting for this give away

  • Rajarshi Ghosh

    I would like to win the J7 Max for my mom or the Xiaomi Powerbank for my dad who is always travelling

  • Anmoldeep Singh

    honor band 3

  • Tejasva Bansal

    I want a Tripod and powerbank for mu phone if possible then I would like to win

  • Sahil Manhas

    Samsung J7 NXt or jio phone would be the ones i will love to to win

  • jay patel

    samsung ka mobile plz…

  • Deepak Choudhary

    JioPhone ? ? ?

  • Bryan John

    My favourite prizes to be won would be Samsung J7 NXT smartphone, Amazon speaker, Amazon fire tv and the Honor 3 band.

  • Ravi Mourya

    I would like any phone , most required for me.

  • Prakhar Yerojwar

    honor band 3

  • Mangirish Anil Wagle

    My favorite prize is Samsung J7 NXT Smartphone.

  • sampath kumar

    Jio phone

  • Vikram

    Honor band 3 ka review kro

  • Ethical Guru

    Amit bhai muje to Sirf tripod hi chahiye or kuch nahi

  • Tanvir Hasan Arik

    how to start busness without tax id

  • Sourav Nandy

    Ty amitji for the mega giveaway…

  • Aryan Khinchi

    Samsung j7 device..

  • Suman


  • Rahul Chopra

    I need Tripod

  • Tushar

    I like Samsung J7 pro Smartphone give me

  • Ankit Jain

    Amazon Fire Stick is my favourite product in this list

  • Maulik Nimavat

    My favourite prize will be anything i whould get.

  • Ronit Mangnani

    My Favorite Prize is Amazon Basics Bluetooth Speaker ?!

  • Maulik Nimavat

    But, i am eagerly waiting for Amazon basics unboxing..

  • Bhavesh Chaudhary

    Samsung J7 NXT Smartphone

  • Maulik Nimavat

    Your exclusive news is truely new..

  • Suyash Sonawane

    Hope you will reach big audiance.

  • Shashank Seth

    TRIPOD Amit Brother

    • Shashank Seth

      only Tripod

  • Harsha Vardhan Reddy

    wow mega giveaway waiting from long !!!

  • Nishant Gonthia

    Power bank dedo❤?

  • Chirajay Aggarwal

    My favourite product J7 Nxt and tripod stand

  • Musheb Amroliwala

    Biggest Giveaway in Indian YouTube

  • Sanjay Yadav

    Thanks for giveaway my pick is j7 max or mi powerbank and if i win could you please send the autograph with it?

  • Yamini Nagarajan

    My favourite prize is Samsung J7 NXT Smartphone 🙂

  • Sasanka Mouli VSS

    Hobo Band 3

  • Palash Gundecha

    plz give me samsung smartphone or honor band or amazon speakers.nice to watch the videos in hindi

  • Krupesh Raval

    My favourite prize is definitely JioPhone as if I’ll win then I won’t need to pre-book, wait in queves or worry about unavailability. PhoneRadar is genuine so if I’ll win then I’ll receive the device for sure.
    My second favourite is Samsung J7 NXT phone

  • Himanshu Shekhar

    My fav is samsung j7…

  • Jayvin Mehta

    Jio Phone

  • Pankaj Singh


  • Ashwin Bharadwaj

    Honor Band 3!

  • Harikrushna Bhoi

    Trying to win something

  • Prince Gupta

    Amazon fire tv

  • DhananJay Sathwara

    Samsung Galaxy J7… Please Or JioFi

  • Saifu Tippu

    Honor band hope to win

  • Nikhil Gupta

    samsung galxy j7 nxt

  • Divyendra S. Bhadauria

    Amazon fire stick

  • Anand Khambe

    Honor 3 Band or Xiaomi Powerbank 2….:-)

  • Subrata Chakraborty

    Very Nice Giveaway.

  • Abhishek Jha

    I want Samsung j7nxt

  • Akhil Joseph

    Xiaomi Powerbank 2

  • Sagar Nath

    Galaxy J7 nxt

  • Punit Pensalwar

    Samsung Galaxy J7 NXT ???

  • Rohit Kavathekar

    Samsung Galaxy J7 NXT is my favourite prize from above list.
    apart from successfully participated in the giveaway & try to be active as most to won my favourite prize. Thanks for this Mega Giveaway.

  • Ishan Bhatt

    Samsung j7 Nxt… Awesome contest

  • Santosh Kumar

    My favourite prize is Honor 3 band

  • Uddhav RUS

    I need to replace my old Xiaomi Mi 1s. The Honor 3 band will be a great update for me.

  • Hardik Pandya

    Nice givaway

  • Guruneeth Savant

    Samsung j7 next

  • Shubham Gupta

    I want Samsung J7 Nxt ….And by chance i m not the lucky one for J7 Nxt… second and third best is JioPhone and Amazon Fire SticK…..Hope I win…Looking forward to it:)

  • Vedant Marulkar

    I want the JioFi

  • Kartik jagtap

    honor band 2 or galaxy j7 nxt thank u amit bhai for this kind of mega giveaway nd special thanx to phoneradar team…
    Keep posting exclusive content….!

  • Prem Solanki


  • Sarthak Nayak

    Biggest giveaway among any indian youtubers

  • Kranthi Kumar Reddy

    Atleast this time I will win….

  • Vishal Giri

    Awesome giveaway Amit SIr, my fvt prize is the Samsung J7 NXT Smartphone, wanna gift it to my Father!!

  • Dev007

    Your youtube channel always gives me latest leaks and now this amazing giveaway. ?☺️?

  • Swapnil Potdar

    Samsung Galaxy j7 Next is my favorite hope to win that Smartphone in this Giveaway trying a lot team?

  • Ansh Arora

    Mi Power bank 2

  • Aakash Prajapati

    Yes Sir Your Getting Right Direction For Giveaway.
    Now Waiting It.

  • Maulik Nimavat

    I would say the no. Of people who will take in this giveaway will too damn high..

  • Harshul Jethwani

    My favorite is Amazon Basics Speaker

  • Deepakc Sekhar

    Samsung Galaxy j7

  • Himanshu DM

    sir ji i want Samsung J7 max agar ye wala nhi milla to baki apki merji koi bhi de dijiyegaa but dijiyega jrur…

    🙂 Himanshu DM from Technical Book

  • Himanshu DM

    and sir ji main ek chotta sa Youtuber bhi hun baki apki merji hai jo bhi dena chahe sach main bhut bda giveaway hai 25 winners honge mere channel ka name “Technical Book” hai

  • Vj VerMa

    Amit sir Amazon Fire TV Stick…

  • Mukesh Singh

    Want Samsung j7 nxt

  • saurav kumar

    I like the Jio phone

  • Abhisek Omkar Prasad

    sir i want amazon fire stick

  • Somnath Saha

    Wanna win Samsung phone or Mi powerbank!

  • nirav patel

    I would love to have the tripod though!

  • Ankrish

    I don’t need any Smartphone So, I want Amazon Fire TV Stick

  • Samar Singh

    I want that Amazon basic speaker for our dance practice..hope to win one

  • Mayur Satpute

    Sir l want tripod. I’ll give my best

  • Rishabh Jain

    Samsung Galaxy j7 nxt

  • Lokesh Raj

    Thanks for giveaway…i hope i will win tripod or a jio phone…

  • Gur Taj

    Great way to select winners………

  • Gur Taj

    Amazon fire stick and j7 nxt

  • Biswajeet Mahapatra

    Really confused among the things in giveaway! hope to win amazon basics tripod as was planning to buy one. or amazon stick maybe.

  • Pankaj Kumar

    I want anything

  • Akash Mondal

    I want J7 nxt

  • Vasantha Kumar Manoharan

    Hope I’ll win the J7 NXT…!

  • AdvAith VijAy

    Amazon Fire stick, Galaxy J7 NXT 🙂

  • Harsh Jamwal


  • NaliniKanta Bisoyi

    Good initiative….

  • Subham Bajaj

    Amazon fire tv stick

  • rahul

    jio phone

  • Shayan Roy

    a smartphone or the powerbank is much required

  • Arshpreet singh

    Great iam waiting for this mega giveaway

  • ashish

    hey phone radar ,here me ashish i want to say only thing i want tripod because i really need that’s it

  • Pranjit Mandal

    I need a mobile.. Please give me a mobile

  • Vamshi Odela

    I would like to comment my fav prize is Honor 3 Band


    Interested on Honor Band 3

  • Rahit Ash

    Hey! I am need the Samsung j next.
    I have phone but i it about 3 years old and have a ram of 512 MB.
    I am too poor that i dont have sufficient money to buy the same phone one more.
    If phone radar give that phone or any smartphone i will be overwhelmed.
    I am a student of class 10 and i also run a you tube channel.
    I will be active and share your all posts and videos.
    Thank You!

  • Akshat Shukla

    Amazon Fire TV Stick

  • Maniyar Vivek

    i need jio phone

  • R Ramanathan

    any phone

  • Amir Hussain

    I like Jio phone..

  • Bipin

    I need honor 3 band

  • desi boys

    i follow on youtube and Twitter because you give me some interesting news first of all and i interesting in small phone because i like that .

  • Naveen Khajanchi


  • Naveen Khajanchi

    honor band 3 is perfect for me

  • ashish


  • Naveen Khajanchi

    actually i want anything bass ek giveaway jeetna hai

  • Abhinav Saxena

    muje app ki videos bohat achi lag ti hai sir

  • Gopalakrishnan Ponnusamy

    Samsung J7 NXT Smartphone


    First time join any Indian mega giveaway I never seen this type of mega giveaway in India always seen bye unboxtherapy mkbhd and many more I love jiofi if I win

  • Varun Rathore

    My favourite gadget is Honor band 3

  • Kosicky

    Samsung J7 NXT Smartphone

  • Neeráj ßaranwal

    I am interested in Samsung J7 Nxt and Xiaomi power bank

  • Sohail Mulani

    Hii Amit bro what you want to give me that is special for me

  • Ray Koo

    Since I have already had 2 Samsung phones, I would love a new Samsung J7 NXT!

  • Souvik Bose

    I need Honor 3 Band or Xiaomi Powerbank 2 ..


    My favorite is : Samsung J7 NXT Smartphone!

  • sudarshan warwantkar

    Samsung Galaxy j7 NXT

  • Rahul Kashyap

    My favorite prize is Samsung’s J7 NXT.
    Hope to get it ?.

  • Rohith.R

    Xiaomi power bank 2 or Honor band 3 or Jio phone

  • Aniket gaykawad

    i want smart phone

  • yuvrajsingh

    jio phone plz give me

  • Aditya Gola

    I need a smartphone or a smart band or firestick

  • O Papa

    Big fan. Any item will please me (@ricardojulio)

  • Awesome Work. I loved new Giveaway style

  • D Vishal Kumar

    i need a jio phone bhai….

  • Arhan Khàñ

    I need a smart phone bcs i didn’t have android phone nd i dn’t have money to buy a good smart phone so i need that

  • Rizwan Ali

    I like Phoneradar team And specially Amit Bhawani for genuine tech news, tips and suggestions and leaks also.. Please come to Kolkata With RAnjeetSir and TG

  • Sk Aslam

    Love the giveaway and I would like to win the Amazon Speakers

  • naman gupta

    Amit sir, can you tell me which one is better mi band 2 or honor band 3

  • Sushil

    J7 Max the thing what I need???

  • Sushil

    Yo plz collab with greeky ranjit. Plz Amit vaya

  • Sushil

    What’s up Amit cats. Mast giveaway

  • BeingAsif Khan

    Any one thing

  • nagraj


  • Jathin H Ghante

    Anything is OK for me because I have never won anything but if I get smartphone I’m lucky

  • Anoop Balan

    Samsung Galaxy J7 Nxt or Xiaomi Powerbank 2 i prefer the powerbank as i bought two xiaomi powerbanks both of them where fakes

  • dayaban sagar


  • kiran Poojary

    Wow amazing like to win a smartphone

  • Need a Tripod. 🙂

  • I would like to win the Samsung J7 NXT Smartphone 🙂

  • nitin kashyap

    Fire sticks ?

  • Sahil Naik

    My fev is Samsung galaxy j7 max…

  • Samsung J7 NXT is my favourite i loved the matel build quality on mid range phone

  • Baljinder Singh

    I like Samsung Galaxy, Honer band and Tripod. Give me one of these or all three. Phone that I currently using has fault and it’s Wi-Fi, Hotspot, Bulethooth is not working. So if I win band plz give me phone also.

  • Ashish Kumar Singh

    Any item bt fav is j7….hope to win

  • Mridul Kandar

    need the world’s smallest smartphone…!!

  • I want Jio phone

    I want tripod

  • Kabirul Hossain

    Honor band

  • Bhushan Kale

    Jio phone or fitness band

  • Mahua Banerjee

    yes, participating…

    wish 2 win once…

  • Prabhat Sharma

    Fastrack Fitness Band

  • Prabhat Sharma

    Titan Fastrack Fitness Band

  • Pramod Hegde

    Wow i loved the way of giveaway your selection of all 25products are good bt I want Samsung j7nxt or anything

  • I want Jio phone

    I want jio phone and tripod

  • Kartikey

    I would like to win Samsung J7 NXT Smartphone!

  • Prasanna Mahapatra

    Great giveaway sir
    U r really awsome
    Anything u give I m happy as its a gift from you

  • Jimmy Pappachan

    J7 i love it

  • I want Jio phone

    I need desperatley Becuase I am struggling youtuber I have camera but i dont have tripod so its difficult to make videos

  • Darsh Mashru

    I would love Honor band 3!

  • Deepak Choudhary

    I need a smartphone because i m handicapped boy my time pass is only smart phone & YouTube i watching your videos on YouTube please send me a smartphone

  • Koushik Majumder

    I really want Honor Band 3. i relly like it.

  • Koushik Majumder

    Honor Band 3

  • Bhushan Naik

    Favorites is jio 5 router and j7

  • Bhushan Kale

    Jio phone or fitness band

  • Rituraj Yadav

    Samsung j7 nxt

  • Rahul Sharma

    I really want to have j7 NXT

  • Atharva Dabhade

    Not to be choosy but I would definitely like the Samsung j7 smartphone if not that then anything will do.

  • Ashutosh Kumar Singh

    what if i am not too much active on facebook….but active on twiter and instagram….@manofmud_ashu

  • Kausthubha

    My favorite prize is Amazon fire TV

  • Shawab Alam

    J7 nxt

  • Rajat Rj Dey

    Need any of theme except tripod… Bt i specially need a smart band…

  • Gréät ßøý Shaan

    I want a phone

  • Sk safin
    • I want Jio phone

      no whatsapp currently

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    Titan Fastrack Fitness Band

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    I like the Amazon Basics speaker and the Amazon Fire TV ?

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    Intex Bana raha hai kya 4G phone

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    Wish to win J7 Nxt

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    My favourite item is JioPhone

  • VJ Ind

    of course JioPhone!

  • Jigar Patel

    Amitbhai, what would you like to give me? Because it’s gift by you, to us.?

  • Naveen Arur

    That Amazon Fire TV is sweet

  • Rahul Vishwakarma

    good i wanna win any of them

  • Akansh Jain

    Amazonfire tv is the most favorite after that honor band3 and the phoneradar cup

  • Akansh Jain

    Best part of meetup video was way of distribution of cups

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    hi i am from mangalore

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  • Divyajyoti Guddu

    Thank u sir.for giving such a opportunity to grab..Tu channel is incredible..

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  • Tejwant Barle


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    Sir i like your method of give away a person who is serious for your channel and not anybody who just comment for give away and take it.

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  • Nitin Biradar

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    Amazon Fire Stick or. Samsung J7 Nxt or. Xiaomi PowerBank or. Amazon Basics Speaker or JIO Phone… 😀

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    My favorite is band 3 but I’ll be happy even if i got mug from you.

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    Great idea to give away the products,most of the time.. Other youtubers choose random comnts n the active follower never get anything in return

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  • Bishal Saha

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  • Punit Pensalwar

    All ???

  • Deepanshu Jain

    I would like to get the Jiofi, bigger amazon speaker or Honor Band. Anthing from the above would be acceptable.
    Lots of love.

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    Doing my best Amit ji.. Hope i win this giveaway.. My dream to win your giveaway

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    Not matter what i win or not i just wanna participate in give away . And try my luck out..

  • Ratnesh Kumar Singh

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  • Dr. Liu Min Han

    Titan Fastrack Fitness Band & of course the PhoneRadar mug!

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    Giveaway has all essential products but Band and Firestick is Love

  • Nitin Ranganath

    Now that’s how giveaways should work !

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    Samsung J7 NXT Smartphone Is My Favorite Prize. Really Wish To Win it. Will Give My Best Until The Contest Ends. Fingers Crossed.

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    Sir you are giving a gift to us indirectly as giveaway so once again l thanks you Sir.
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    My favorite giveaway product is Samsung J7 NXT Smartphone….. Because my current phone is old and so slow & I don’t get afford a new phone ???

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    My favorite prize is the Samsung Galaxy J7 Nxt…Love the vids!


    Samsung J7 smartphone favorite award.i wish to win the

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    You explain very well about the technical. It feels great to me. This is my favorite channel. Thank you for telling about such a technical.

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    hi how are you all

  • I want Jio phone

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  • I want Jio phone

    I wish to win tripod and jio phone

  • Yashwant Shet Talaulikar

    My take…
    Amazon fire stick

  • Arun R

    Can’t wait… #RadarArmy

  • Anirudh Mahansaria

    Mine favourite prize is Honor Band 3 , jio phone coz of it’s voice assistance & NFC , Amazon Fire Stick coz haven’t experienced a device like this , XIAOMI powebank & the last one Samsung Galaxy on Nxt need a device for my dad .?

    Hope to win . @AmitBhawani @ThePhoneRadar


    First choice jiofi otherwise any product if win ??????

  • Kartik Soni

    Samsung j7 nxt

  • Hritik Mehta

    Well not the most expensive one, still, my pick is Jio Phone.

  • Hritik Mehta

    my pick would be jio phone, not most expensive one as any one will want :p, still, Jio Phone.

  • Vighnesh Chendwankar

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  • P Beneban Sujil

    Amazon fire TV stick is my favourite…

  • Chandan Roy

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    Samsung J7 nxt my favorite prize in this giveaway. finger crossed, i hope so i am win. my 100% for win this giveaway.

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    I would like to have Samsung J7 Nxt ,Always following you from long time but never won a giveaway ,Thanks:)

  • Nikunjs27

    Jio phone is what I Love to win cause I don’t wanna buy it. Cause it’s make in China LOL…!!!!

  • I’d like to choose Samsung J7 NXT Smartphone which is too cool. Hope my dream will come true!

  • Rather than Samsung J7 NXT Every prize is worth of playing, Thanks for the giveaway.

  • Somesh Maheshwari

    I want Xiaomi power bank

  • Tπrun_®ajput

    I hope I will get any prize because I have never won any anything till now ?

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  • Vivek Khade

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    I did not know much about Amazon fire TV, so I am really excited for this giveaway… Jio phone also my favorite…… ????

  • Vijay

    Jiofi my fav device and amazon fire stick☺

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    honor band 3 and rather I would love to meet you..

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    Amazon speaker or fire stick

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  • Gilward Dutta

    Samsung J7 Nxt or India ka smartphone Jio phone


    Samsung J7 NXT Smartphone Is My Favorite Prize

  • Sk Wasim Akram


  • Sandeep Guneshwar

    any1 of ’em Honor 3 Band, Titan Fastrack Fitness Band

  • Gaurav Punyani

    Honor band 3 ?❤
    Mujhe fitness bhot jrurt h n mai to kbse koi band lene ka soch rha hu….

  • Marco José Correia Lima

    Thank you so much for the opportunity =)
    The prize I want to win the most is no other than the Samsung J7 NXT Smartphone

  • Chandan Roy

    Mujhe jio phone padand hai.

  • Rajkumar Sonkar

    Samsung Galaxy J7 NXT

  • Chirag Purohit

    My favorite giveaway product is only Tripod. Because I m Start New Youtube Channel & required tripod.

  • Malang Nikhil

    I loved that Samsung J7 NXT

  • Trent Zinser

    Samsung J7 is my fav.

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    Xiaomi power bank 2

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    Give me anything…..

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  • Anchit Mittal

    how come barack obama follows amit?

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    hi how are you amith ji

  • Fathima

    Hope to win Smartphone sir.. Being active on all platforms

  • Samad Qadri

    Make in India phone nahi

  • Lohit NA

    I wish to win Samsung J7 nxt

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    Amazon fire stick is good one or Samsung J7 NXT Smartphone

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    I am poor that I cannot buy a phone because I does nt have sufficient money to buy a new phone

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    Thank you for a wonderful contest. I hope to win Samsung NXT J7 Smartphone.

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  • Arun R

    Samsung J7nxt

  • Arun R


  • Amlan Acharya

    Honor band 3 seems good, will help me very much with my honor 8 🙂

  • Amit kr

    Sir pata nahi aadmi itna lalch kyo aata h ki free me lene ke liye kuchh bhi bolte h gaurav sir ne bola tha samsung s8 giveaway me bole the dene ke uske liye kitna mehnat sab ki hogi par pata nhi kaun jita sir mujhe nahi bas ek baar mera announcing time le lijiaga thanx

  • Yamini Nagarajan

    J7 max 🙂

  • Satender Chaudhary

    My favirote prize is samsung glaxy j7 next i love samsung glaxy j7 next

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    *Hii everyone…..very exciting Giveaway…..Ty Amit Sir*

  • Mani Manraj

    All prizes are great

  • Andreia Lopes

    Thank you so much <3
    Such a wonderful giveaway.
    What I would love to have on my home is Samsung J7 NXT Smartphone

  • Dushyant Singh Gurjar

    Hi amit my favourite thing is amazon fire stick

  • Dushyant Singh Gurjar

    J7 nxt

  • Jathin H Ghante

    I would like to win anything

  • Tech Finale

    I am ok with anything…luv u …

  • Aashish Choudhary

    Heheheh..i have to comment again..i am ok winning anything..

  • Akhil S

    Samsung J7 NXT Smartphone Is My Favorite Prize

  • Alok Jaiswal

    My Favourite Prize is Samsung J7 NXT

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  • Anmol

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    Samsung J7 NXT

  • Jitendra Sakariya

    Always active for latest tech news, updates & gadgets. Very happy that following PhoneRadar. ☺
    #PhoneRadar #RadarArmy

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    good morning amit sir…….

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    Jio phone plz

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    Amazon nano speaker

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    Samsung J7 pls!

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    If will win this #giveaway i will be most happy as till now date i never win any giveaway..

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  • Fathima

    Wish to win Smartphone ✌

  • FTHtechnical

    Mujhe honor band 3 jitna h

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    Samsung J7 NXT…. wowowo

  • Somesh

    Samsung J7 Next is my favourite prize…

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    I would love to win Amazon Fire TV 🙂

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    Honor Band 3

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    Hope to win Smartphone ?

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    thank u for organising this awesome giveaway

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    Wish to win tripod

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    Amazon fire tv

  • Bhushan Kale

    Hiii everyone…… happy Rakshabandhan


    amazon fire tv

  • priyansh sen

    I want Samsung galaxy J7 NXT

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    I Want Samsung J7 NXT Smartphone

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    tripod ki need hai sir ji….

  • Akshay Raj

    reply bhi toh diya karo sir ji????

  • Vishalthevaxus

    Honor Band 3

  • Fathima

    Happy Raksha Bandan

  • Swaraj Kumar Nath

    J7 nxt

  • FTHtechnical

    Honer band

  • Akash

    Samsung galaxy 7 awesome

  • Kaustubh Nipunage

    Samsung J7 NXT smartphone is my favourite goodie from this giveaway. I want one..

  • Swarnim

    Samsung J7 NXT Smartphone

  • Rohon Kumar Manna

    and how forget PHONERADER MUGS (I have only 2smart phones so if i got one the jiofi , I didn’t think it is a good deal, I wish I win all of the or
    Amazon fire t.v stick+jiofi together)

  • R Bharath Kumar

    mi power bank 2

  • Fathima

    Being active on all platforms
    Hope to win smartphone

  • Rishabh Jain

    Sir really want to win..

  • Bipin

    Honor band 3

  • Bhupendra Singh

    Samsung J7 NXT

  • Galaxy J7

  • Omar Kassem

    really want to win the amazon fire tv 🙂

  • Ravi Mourya

    plz give me sumsung galaxy J7 nxt

  • Adrian Rudge

    Amazon fire tv

  • Jitendra Sakariya

    Samsung J7 NXT Smartphone is my favourite prize & wish to win ?
    Try to give my best.

  • Fathima

    Hope to get lucky for smartphone

  • faisal

    Honor band 3

  • Avishek Biswas

    Please … galaxy nxt please

  • Yadunath K Rajendran

    Never won a giveaway …wish to win this time

  • Sarthak Nayak

    honor band 3

  • Gagan Tech savvy!!!

    Amazon fire TV stick is the best amount alll as it can make normal TV into smart TV with spending couple of bucks

  • Angel Fernandez Ibañez de Alde

    Samsung J7

  • Chandan Roy

    I like this sumsang j7 nxt.Giveaway…

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    Jo mil jaye use me khus ??

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    All are definitely great product and all are favorite too.. I can buy all these product but what I can’t buy is PhoneRadar mug which is gifted by the PhoneRadar founder himself.. so I want PhoneRadar mug..

  • Ishan Gupta

    Samsung H7 NXT

  • Ishan Gupta

    I want to gift Samsung J7 NXT to my father on his bday party…please …hope you understand

  • Mabel Sanchez

    My favorite prize is Samsung J7 NXT Smartphone

  • Yamini Nagarajan

    my favourite samsung j7 NXT

  • Manoj Kumar

    Amazon Fire TV and Smallest Smart Phone

  • Kapil Mathur

    Honor band 3 ?

  • Rábîjíť Dey Deśtrućťîng


  • Deep Patel

    I give my best What
    Ab vo to aap he bataye ge ke kon kya jita

  • Dipin Dileep

    J7 NXT

  • shiva bhardwaj

    biggest giveaway i guess

  • Fathima

    Hope to win smartphone

  • Jitendra Sakariya

    Samsung J7 NXT Smartphone is my favourite prize to win. Wish to win. ☺

  • Asik Khan

    jio phone

  • Lohit NA

    Samsung j7 nxt

  • Fathima

    Active on all platforms
    Wish to be the winner of smartphone

  • Bhushan Kale


  • Jayaditya Chakrabarty

    I follow Amit everywhere, but I have no idea why I forgot about the giveaway!
    Chalo, participate kar liye- Ab bhejo Jio Phone!

  • Caíque Toledo

    Samsung J7 NXT

  • Hania Balewicz

    Samsung J7

  • FTHtechnical

    Kuch bhi chalega i am first time partispat the giveaway

  • Sudhakar Reddy

    Wish to win

  • Fathima

    Every prize is amazing i wish to get smartphone ?

  • I want j7 NXR

  • Akhil Rrr

    I want anything just give me. A gift

  • apoorv

    I want the Amazon Fire TV stick!!!

  • Ishan Gupta

    Bhai I want a phone..SAMSUNG J7 NXT or any…honor band??’s truly a mega giveaway????

  • Vasu Sumanth Chowdary

    Xiaomi Powerbank 2

  • kanhu charan patra

    honor band 3

  • Nisith

    I want Honor 3 Band

  • Shivendra Singh

    Tripod or Samsung j7

  • Divesh Bhargav

    Samsung galaxy j7 nxt for my father as i have bought lenovo z2 plus 64 4gb for 11000 on prime day sale

  • Kalpak Patel

    I would like to get my hands on Honor band 3

  • Vikas Kumar

    Samsung J7 NXT smartphone is my favourite .. Btw thanks for this awesome giveaway


    tahnks for giveawy

  • i would like to win honor 3 band.

  • Dhairyadev

    Although I’d love getting the Samsung J7 NXT Smartphone, but since it’s a giveaway, anything would work! 😛

  • Rutuj Patil

    jio phone chalega sir!!

  • Abhijeet Saha

    I’m happy with anyone you gift. My birthday is on August 17.?


    Samsung J7 NXT Smartphone THIS IS MY FAVORITE

  • fidel george


  • Vamshi Odela

    any prize I would accept from you…..

  • Tanmay

    Honor Band 3,Amazon Fire Stick And JioFi are my favourite ones but I want to win anything from this mega giveaway because I am big fan of yous

  • PrAtik Lochawala

    Samsung J7 nxt and Xiaomi Powerbank 2

  • Sudheer Dssk

    Great Amit sir a big giveaway

  • Naveen Khajanchi

    i want anything but i want to win giveaway

  • Swapnil Gaur

    J7 next is awesome

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    honor band 3

  • Himanshu singh

    I want j7 next ..:)

  • ha14

    Thanks for the contest, if i can choose then Samsung J7 NXT Smartphone other any phone 🙂

  • Mohit Agarwal

    I really want J7 nxt, amazon fire TV, amazon Bluetooth speaker

  • prudhvi raj pulikanti

    Hope to win honor band 3 thanks for give away

  • prudhvi raj pulikanti

    Thanks for the giveaway


    Now my preference is any phone if win bcz I need phone right now #Giveaway

  • sonyluis

    I just need one prize
    Which one does not mattereverything is imp giveaway

  • Anmol

    Samsung j7 plzz

  • Yamini Nagarajan

    Samsung J7 NXT

  • Debapratim Chowdhury

    J7 nxt or honor band 3

  • Mayank Shekhar

    Samsung j7 NXT , Amazon speakers and honor 3 band is worth playing for. Thanks Amit sir for this giveaway.

  • Suresh Ramireddi

    Jio phone/Honor 3band/Xiaomi power bank 2

  • pareekshith paruchuri

    Really want the Samsung j7nxt pls

  • Ishan Gupta


  • Aakash Prajapati

    Yes Sir I Have Joined.

  • Pathipatti Puneet

    My favaroite j7 NXT

  • I want galaxy J7 NXT

    I want J7 nxt

  • Ammar M Ali

    Honor band 3 or one of those ‘other exciting goods’

  • Aadil Khan

    J7 Nxt..i dont hv a 4G phone so thats why.

  • Aadil Khan

    J7 nxt that i can use 4G…Or u can also give Jiophone .?

  • Manjuatha

    Samsung J7 NXT

  • Manjuatha

    My Favorite Product From Giveaway Is “Samsung J7 NXT Smartphone”

  • Pk

    Would love to have the Samsung j7 nxt for my mom. Her current phone (Nokia N8) is in its last stages now.

  • Akhilesh kumar

    I need #jiophone only

  • Anveet


  • piyush kapoor

    I want j7 NXT, jio phone and mi power bank. Rest any other price can also be considered great

  • Arun Deo

    love it to win it awesome Samsung J7 NXT

  • Anvclicks

    Nokia 105

  • Vaibhav kaushik

    I want to win amozone fire stick

  • TaraP

    Samsung J7 NXT

  • yvsaimadhav

    Amazon Fire TV

  • Parth Prajapati

    I want to have Samsung j7 NXT

  • Nikola Marjanović

    Amazon Fire TV sounds quite interesting.

  • Vishnu Kr. Prajapati

    I want to have j7 NXT but other prizes are cool too. By the way thanks for the giveaway.

  • Mohammad Azizul Islam Khan

    J7 nxt

  • Fathima

    doing my best ji.. hope to get lucky in this mega giveaway

  • Ivan Verstraeten

    I wanna win the amazon fire tv!

  • Swapnil Potdar

    Hope to win the Samsung J7 Next this time my favorite smartphone in this giveaway team, hope I will be lucky person to get that. Giving it my 100% efforts from the starting day team hope you notice it team.☺️

  • Bhushan Kale

    gm everyone…..and amir sir

  • Bhushan Kale

    Amazon fire tv stick

  • Ishan Gupta


  • Ishan Gupta

    I want j7 nxt

  • Naveen Khajanchi

    want anything plzzzzzzzzz jeeta dena gleam and random

  • Mayur Patel

    Honestly Amazon fire stick is my favourite.

  • Hargun Bajwa

    Amazon fire Tv

  • Kapil

    Price not matter knowledge of tech is sufficient

  • Giorgio Scampini

    I need smartphone, my favorite prize is samsung galaxy j7

  • Hemant sahu

    Jab video banate h to.. wo natural smile☺ aa jaye badiya rhega?

  • Faizan Saifi

    Samsung J7 NXT Smartphone

  • Fathima

    Happy Independence Day ?

  • Asik Khan

    happy Independence Day……??????????????

  • Pradeep Rawat

    smallest smart phoe,jiofi,amzo

  • Akshay Raj

    Sir…Tripod plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  • Sumit Karmakar

    J7Nxt Smartphone, Xiaomi Powerbank 2, Amazon Fire TV Stick, Jio Phone

  • Ishan Gupta

    J7 NXT

  • Uday Kumar

    I’m interested in J7 NXT the most, apart from this I’m also interested in Jio Phone( as this is not easily available :p), Honor 3 Band, Titan Fastrack Fitness Band, Amazon Fire TV, Amazon Nano Speaker, Amazon Basics Speaker, Xiaomi Powerbank 2 🙂 🙂 🙂 :p

  • Vishal Kumar Prasad

    Each prize is worthy


    I want Amazon fire TV stick

  • Fathima

    15 more days left
    Have given my best so far to be active
    Hope i get rewarded

  • Yamini Nagarajan

    wish to win j7 NXT

  • Bhushan Kale

    Gm amit sir….

  • Bhushan Kale

    I wish to Honor band 3 or amazon fire tv

  • Deep Patel

    You selected what I would like this

  • Ishan Gupta

    J7 nxt or jio phone or powerbank


    amazon fire stick or jio phone

  • sahith

    My favourite prize is Samsung j7 nxt.i will be a lucky person if I get that. And my second priority is mi Power bank.

  • Денис Красько

    Xiaomi Powerbank 2 is my fav

  • Padman Raj

    बहुत वडिहा giveaway है

  • Chandrakant Agrawal

    Nice Sir

  • DivyrajSinh Rana

    Keep it up I will support you but I have one suggestion for you please make review faster on YouTube.

  • salman rizwan

    Samsung J7 NXT Smartphone Is My Favorite Prize. Really Wish To Win it. I will give my best until the giveaway ends.

  • Dïlîp Kümár

    Really i want to win the JioFy wifi or Samsung Mobile to complete my successfull dream.

  • Kulvir Sidhu

    Waiting for your result

  • Nehal Roy

    Samsung J7 NXT Smartphone is the one… I liked and wish to win

  • Bhushan Kale

    Gn amit sir n everyone

  • Saurav Mahato

    Waiting for the result .13 days left ..??

  • Aadil Khan

    Àapko jo sahi lge woh hi dena..

  • Rachel Beltz

    I would be thankful for any!


    The smallest phone

  • Technical Prince

    Amit Bhai…..Being a YouTuber … I need a Tripod Stand..It’ll be great if I win it..

  • brokeandfurious

    samsung j7 nxt

  • Rishabh Jain

    Hoping to win..
    Playing my best.. active on all platforms.

  • Akash

    Can’t wait .12 Days left…

  • Ananda Maity

    Thank you phone radar. Please make for me a free website. Jai hind. Jite raho Aur aage barhate raho phone radar channel ko.

  • Deepak V

    Samsung J7 NXT

  • Rahul Singh

    J7 NXT

  • Ishan Gupta

    Samsung H7 NXT is my best price ….please giveaway me..I m active …please see I replied Every tweets and tweets..please giveaway me

  • Nijin Nazar

    I wish to get anything from the list.Everything worth. !

  • Arnesh Saxena

    No matter what but iam in need of a tripod to start my channel hope i win fingers crossed

  • salman rizwan

    Xiaomi Powerbank 2 chaiye mujhe bro please

  • Bhushan Kale

    Good Night Amit Sir

  • Bhushan Kale

    12 Days to go…

  • Bhushan Kale

    Good morning Amit Sir…..12 Days to go

  • Bhushan Kale

    11 Days to go..

  • Akash

    Tik tik 11

  • Chakradhar Maganti


  • Jenny Ham

    I like the Amazon Fire TV

  • Marilyn Wall

    Would be jumping for joy on a new phone

  • Debra Holloway

    Samsung J7 NXT Smartphone is my favorite.

  • Dan Valentin

    Samsung J7 NXT Smartphone or Xiaomi Powerbank would be great.

  • Nancy Senjem Munson

    my favorite prize is the Amazon Fire TV

  • Gina Ferrell

    My favorite prize is the Samsung J7 NXT Smartphone.

  • Akash

    10 Days to go ✌

  • cge_ingat

    Samsung J7 NXT Smartphone

  • Prince

    I think m health conscious person so i want honour fitnes band or fastrack fitnes band also fullfill my need

  • Divyesh Parakhiya

    i think,
    giveaway is our love and also we can say some of the sacrifices to give some of the expensive product….

    its other thing that due to this some are staring interest on this blog or youtube

    i wish you will have great prosperities… and you will continous your work perfectively till retirement of life… 🙂
    have good bloging

  • Divyesh Parakhiya

    i think,
    giveaway is our love and also we can say some of the sacrifices to give some of the expensive product….

    its other thing that due to this some are staring interest on this blog or youtube

    i wish you will have great prosperities… and you will continous your work perfectively till retirement of life… 🙂
    have good bloging

    Amazon Fire TV
    Honor 3 Band
    as you wish

  • salman rizwan

    I need only 1 amazon tripod Is My Favorite Prize. Really Wish To Win it. I will give my best until the giveaway ends.

  • salman rizwan

    Please amit bro give me 1 AMAZON TRIPOD Only

  • Saideep S

    I want to win Samsung galaxy J7 NXT as I am a diehard fan of SAMSUNG…..FINGERS CROSSED TO WIN MY FAVOURITE MID-RANGE PHONE FROM SAMSUNG….

    • salman rizwan

      may u win a samsung j7 nxt

  • Bhushan Kale

    Good evening

  • Naveen Khajanchi


  • thawi

    samsung j7 nxt

  • CK Patil

    It’s your love bro..anything you wish you can give it to us..

  • Nikhil Gupta

    Amit Sir………bring more discussion videos with ranjit sir and gurujii on different-2 topics like need of AirPurifier or may be custom duties in India..

  • Akash

    Fire Tv is ❤????

  • Shuboy Shupo

    Honestly speaking I would love to have one Honor 3 band or fasttrack fitness tracker ..
    Thanx for this giveaway contest

  • Devanathan

    J7 nxt or MI power bank2

  • Stylo Rahul

    Samsung J7 NXT Smartphone Is My Favorite Prize. I want to win it . Please notice my efforts.

  • Bhushan Kale

    Good Night Amit Sir n Everyone

  • Bhushan Kale

    Waiting for honor band or FireTv

  • jesus jam


  • Arun R

    8 days left… Who will be lucky??…
    Hope to win something? In Need of a phone ?… #RadarArmy❤️

  • Akash

    Calculating Probability for ?TV

  • Yamini Nagarajan

    Samsung J7 NXT

  • Giorgio Scampini

    Ya falta poco

  • Ajay Kumar Sahoo

    Samsung J7 NXT Smartphone is my favorite Prize

  • Kamal Singh


  • Ramesh Mohan Jha

    Samsung J7 NXT

  • suchit chilkalwar
  • Bhushan Kale

    Amazon Fire TV

  • Bhushan Kale

    Good Amit Sir n Everyone

  • Fathima

    only 7 days left.. Have given my best all these days. Hope to win smartphone

  • Asik Khan

    one jio phone please

  • Prem chandra

    Amazon Fire stick and Samsung j7 NXT

  • kunwar vikas singh

    j 7 next i want ?

  • Ravi Mourya

    hope to receive some of the best prize
    but more importantly want to win that is useful to me

  • salman rizwan

    Tripod wish to win

  • Sunita Katyal

    Wish to win Samsung J7 NXT Smartphone as it has the best price to performance ratio!

  • vsriram92

    I would like to have any speaker or Honor band. As I don’t have those as of now.

  • Bhushan Kale

    6 days to go….

  • Bhushan Kale

    I want Amazon FireTv

  • Francisco Casado Rus

    Samsung J7 is my favourite!

  • TechiPro

    I wish to win Honor 3 Band <3

  • Naveen Khajanchi

    Samsung J7 NXT


    i am do my best from last 26 days i hope i win samsung smartphone.

  • Tariq Aftab

    J7 nxt

  • Vashu Krishan Sharma

    # Amit_Sir i want j7 next

  • Vashu Krishan Bhardwaj

    Sir I want To Samsung J7 Next plz plz plz

  • Vashu Krishan Bhardwaj

    Sir I want To Samsung J7 Next

  • Asik Khan

    Ek jio phone please

  • Vashu Krishan Bhardwaj

    Sir My Want J7 Nxt

  • Vashu Krishan Bhardwaj

    My Want J7 Nxt

  • Vashu Krishan Bhardwaj

    J7 Nxt I want u

  • Vashu Krishan Bhardwaj

    plz Give me J7 nxt

  • Vashu Krishan Bhardwaj

    Sir Plz give me j7 nxt

  • Vashu Krishan Bhardwaj

    Sir Plz give me samsung J7 Nxt

  • Vashu Krishan Sharma

    J7 Nxt will be mine i want u

  • Akash

    Jio Phone to Pre book krdia ab bcha Fire tV 😉

  • Somesh Maheshwari

    Nano speaker


    I like the amazon fire TV

  • Fathima

    4 days to go.. Excited.. Wish to win smartphone

  • Bhushan Kale

    4Days to go..

  • Vinay

    Any one of it but i wish i will get it

  • Samar Singh

    J7 nxt…
    Using broken Micromax canvas hd

  • Asik Khan

    One Jio phone please…….????

  • Swapnil Potdar

    Hope to win Samsung j7 Nxt or smallest smartphone, Honor band 3 which I really want in this Giveaway. As a active follower from starting day hope to win big. Given my 100℅ team☺️

  • Kalpesh Manersure

    The honor band would be amazing!!!

  • Akash

    Excitement Overloaded ?

  • Paridhi Goel

    I really require a phone. Give any of them plzzz. I hope I will win

  • Himanshu Parihar

    Jio phone

  • Goutham B

    I would love to lay my hands on the j7 nxt

  • aman kumar

    it is an amazing thought sir all the gadgets or items in giveaway is suitable for a tech youtuber and i am also a tech youtuber so this gadgets is very useful to me …………..

  • aman kumar

    i want tri pod stand to shoot my video because i am youtuber really wish to win it

  • fathima ismail

    Only 1 more day left for the giveaway to end
    Gave my best sir
    Have been active in facebook, twitter, YouTube and Instagram.
    Shared all your updates .
    Gave my entries everyday without fail
    Hope i win this
    My dream to win your giveaway sir

  • Indrani Saha

    Samsung J7 Nxt or. Amazon Fire Stick or. Xiaomi PowerBank or. Amazon Basics Speaker or JIO Phone

  • Kapil Sharma

    I really want to win Samsung J7 NxT ??
    If god help me than it is possible.
    Let’s see who will win this J7 nxt.

  • Himanshu Parihar

    Only 35 hours left

  • Vishal Giri

    wish t win the J7 nxt smartphone Sir!!

  • Ravi Mourya

    would love to win those thinks, which will be useful for me
    any mobile would be good for me
    #giveaway sumsung galaxy j7 nxt

  • Ravi Mourya

    Everyone write how many entries everyone having, let us see who is having highest number of entries

  • Asik Khan

    1 jio phone please

  • Satyanarayan Sen

    Sir ma aap ki #tripod lena chahata hun

  • Ishan Gupta

    Amazon stick or j7

  • Iam@mksh

    my favourite prize is amazon fire stick.

  • Akash

    Days to Hours for ? ?

  • Punit Pensalwar

    God bless me to win anything

  • Abhi

    Amazon basic speakers

  • Ravi Mourya

    sumsung galaxy J7 nxt would be a compatible device for me
    or anything that would be useful for me

  • Akash Ingle

    I would love to have J7 nxt or phoneradar branded Nokia 3310..?

  • Bala

    I need Galaxy J7 NxT! I’m an Samsung fanboy!! ?

  • Kamlesh Gurjar

    What ever you like to give.

  • Amy

    I am hoping to win the Samsung J7 NXT Smartphone.

  • Dïlîp Kümár

    Best website also for getting any new tricks here.Amit sir keep on and go more updates

  • Raghav choudhary

    Samsung J7 NXT

  • Ishan Gupta

    Bhai i. Want a touch phone any….Amazon fire stick also ok

  • Abhi

    amazon nano speakers will do

  • Swapnil Potdar

    Wait is over just few hours left to Giveaway end, Given my 100℅ team daily active with max gleam point with sharing and activeness hope to win Samsung Galaxy J7 Nxt in the Giveaway as a active member of your channel team? wish to win this time smartphone☺️

  • Himanshu Mahalle


  • ashwani singh

    Samsumg j next .I want it badly struggling with my old lenevo…I have tried to give my all let’s see what destiny desides

  • Ashwini kundra

    Hope i win Samsung j7..

  • Prabhu Vaghela

    Amazon’s basic speaker is the thing I need now

  • prableen singh

    Samsung j7

  • Sonu Goyal

    I mostly like the Honor Band 3

    • Sonu Goyal

      But I’m crazy about camera

  • dhruv Prajapati

    Amazon’s basic speaker…!!!!

  • Bhargav Chauhan

    Amazon fire TV stick or Amazon speaker


    fasttrack fitness band

  • Vishal Giri

    J7 nxt

  • Bhushan Kale

    Waiting for results….

  • Akanchha Sinha

    Amit sir you are doing a great job
    You deserve this appreciation
    You can giveaway anything to me I will be happy in that….??

  • Kshitij Doshi

    All things are perfect for me sir.?

  • Rohit Kumar

    honor band 3

  • Shubhankar Kumar Gupta

    Honor 3 band

  • Burhanuddin

    I’ll be happy with anything except EXCEPT the Amazon fire stick. J7NXT>Honor band>Xiaomi power>Jiophone. LOL ?

  • Tushar Kumar

    dont want any phone only tripod for my use but i really wish for that…..

  • Jash Outline

    Xiaomi power bank

  • Rohit Kumar


  • Nalinikant Mishra

    Amazon Fire TV

  • Andrew Si Chienwei

    Amazon fire tv

  • Khushpreet Singh

    J7 nxt

  • Rithwez Damarla

    I like any product

  • Shubham Sharma

    first , please read my mail , I send mail in your phone radar mail id , and have some questions related , cms , please visit Raipur at least one time , and 2nd is , If i win , any of them product is worth for me , but i choose 3 , that is tripod , honor band , and j7 max.

  • Symond Saikia

    Honor band 3

  • Sujit Kumar Sahoo

    Xiaomi Powerbank

  • Prashant More

    Amazon Fire TV…?

  • Ravi Mourya

    waiting for the result of the giveaway


    kuch b chalega with ur Love

  • Thati Venkatesh

    Amazon fire stick

  • brijesh patel


  • brijesh patel

    Is me Entries nhi le rhi…..
    All ready subscribe

  • Deepak Ran

    i join for regular update and chance for any give away

  • Pallav Goswami

    Samsung J7 NXT Smartphone

  • Deep jain

    Any thing is best for me..

    Bcoz i m participate in first giveaway..

  • Gurman Singh

    i want to j7 nxt because i love samsung phones

  • Ashutosh Sahoo

    amazon tripod

  • Ganesh bhoi

    I like the j7 nxt phone

  • Gajanan Patra

    Samsung J7 NXT Is My Favorite In this Giveaway ….

  • shinde sagar suresh

    j7 Max

  • Devesh Rathore

    All are gud stuff. J7 nxt is best


    Amazon fire stick

  • Arsh Khurana

    Xiaomi power bank 2

  • Jakir Basha

    xiaomi powerbank

  • Sandeep Korrapati

    Samsung j7 next

  • Akash

    Minutes Left ??

  • Abhinav David

    I am watching almost all of your videos but I don’t have Twitter account..
    All the best..

  • Abhinav David

    Hope to meet you sometime somewhere..

  • Manroop

    I want anything because i never won anything in a giveaway

  • Vinayaka Pai

    My favourite is the Honor 3 Band

  • Rishabh Jain

    Hoping to win…

  • Ravi Mourya

    very much excited

  • rafay

    moto g5S

  • Aman Attar

    Amazon fire tv

  • Kapil Mathur

    Just 2 min left

  • Kapil Mathur

    Wants Samsung J7 NXT

  • Pritam Bhoir

    Hope to win

  • Ajay Kumar Sahoo

    Wish to WIn

  • Ishan Gupta

    Hope I’ll win as I was active everywhere


    Samsung J7 nxt my favorite prize in this giveaway. second choice was Amazon Fire TV, Xiaomi Powerbank 2, Amazon Basics Speaker, Honor 3 Band, Titan Fastrack Fitness Band and last jio phone, , Amazon Nano Speaker.

    finger crossed, i hope so i am win. my 100% for win this giveaway.

  • FTHtechnical

    Plz mujhe kuch bhi do

  • FTHtechnical

    Me 1 month se intzar kar raha hu

  • Bhupinder Kaur

    I am the best in the world

  • Ravi Mourya

    waiting for the result eagerly
    hope so i win the price which will be useful for me

  • Rishiraj

    Samsung j7 next

  • Rishiraj

    Jio phone

  • Stylo Rahul


  • FTHtechnical

    Plz zaldi se result do


    waiting for the result, i hope my hard work from last 33 days help me to win samsung j7 nxt in this giveaway.

  • Ishan Gupta

    Waiting for giveaway….give me anything…I will accept as it’s a love from u…I’ll not force you to give me specific itemm…but please pick me….LOVE YOU..

  • jesus jam

    there are winners???

  • Chandan Roy

    Giveaway ka result pls…

  • Vishal Giri

    J7 NXT

  • Satyanarayan Sen

    Vai muje ek tripod chaiya

  • Ishan Gupta

    J7 NXT please

  • Harsh Tiwari


  • Sk Aslam

    Kab hoga announcement

  • Aadil Khan

    Givraway result kb announce hoga??

  • Dïlîp Kümár

    i want to win the from these 3 (Jio Phones, Samsung J7 NXT Smartphone, Honor 3 Band)

    Hope you will Notice My effort here <3


    Samsung J7 nxt my favorite prize in this giveaway. second choice was Amazon Fire TV, Xiaomi Powerbank 2, Amazon Basics Speaker, Honor 3 Band, Titan Fastrack Fitness Band and last jio phone, , Amazon Nano Speaker.

    finger crossed, i hope so i am win. my 100% for win this giveaway.

    waiting for the result, i hope my hard work from last 40 days help me to win samsung j7 nxt in this giveaway.

  • Naveed Hussain


  • Prashant Kumar

    Nice videos

  • Prashant Kumar

    Sir hamko j7 2017 Wala mobile

  • mridul haldiya

    i really want a jio phone

  • Maroof Khan

    yakeen ni ho rha h ki august giveaway me mai winner ni bna , pichle 1 month me mai jitna bz rha hu twitter pe phoneradar k liye shayad hi koi rha hoga !!!!! ye mera badluck h ya aap log kuch galat kr rhe ho mere sath ! amit sir mera question b kbhi pick ni karte live streaming me !!!!! what’s going on ?????

    • Sarvesh Parab

      Same here bro

  • Sarvesh Parab

    I was also most active member of this channel?? i didnt win…Hope will get something good in next giveawaybad luck rehta hai har time????? har ekbpost har ek video like kr ta hoon sir aapka?? vo bhi pichle 3-4 months se regularly to bhi nai jeeta….

  • Arun R


  • Deepank Shokeen

    Congrats to the winners…
    Hope ki next time I will win something big maybe thats why i did not win this time

    • I hope so, I have been waiting from last 18 months to win a decent smartphone! Good luck!

  • VJ Ind

    Congrats to all!

  • Nepal Singh

    Sir plz i want win next giveaway

  • Chandrakant Agrawal

    Good,Congratulations for All Winner

  • Ayush Soni

    I want honor band 3

  • Ritik Jha

    Sir 2 giveaway beet gaye still waiting ? i want a fitness band or a jiophone

  • Deepak

    Sir ye sahi nahi hai apne sab twitter se naam liya ha or bolte rehe YouTube pe active raho YouTube se b naam lunga ????

  • Jitendra Sakariya

    Congrats to all winners. ??

  • Varinder singh

    J7 nxt

  • james samraj.t

    Y i don’t win I am techno James my YouTube channel name use can see all your video I commed down plz Check
    And congrats to all winner ?

  • Ritik Jha

    Do not lose hope wish next time i will win something?

  • Qais Ghare

    J7 plz

  • Akash

    Technical Guruji ka procedure sahi hai giveaway ka #RandomComment

  • Ishan Gupta


  • Shantanu Sasane

    Kuch bhi dedo yar??

  • vaibhav bansal

    I have won a jio phone… ???

  • Tushar Grover



    thank you so much sir, my hard work you notice and choose me for amazon fire tv stick, thank you so much once again.

  • Ishan Gupta

    Any winners contacted still now…? I m not contacted still…



  • Ishan Gupta

    any winner here??? i m

  • Saroj kumar

    I need to honor band 3.but u r good blogs are publish and write so best of luck….

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