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Gionee Pioneer P6 Tips, Tricks, FAQs and Useful Options



Gionee Pioneer P6

There are handsets in the market that are admired for their build quality and design while there are some handsets that like to keep up with numbers game. And it looks like Gionee Pioneer P6 lies under a good built category. If you are one of them who has admired its built and gone ahead with the purchase of this device, then you should learn what your device is capable of doing. We have some tips and useful options for the device that we’d like to share with you.

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What is the purpose of Airdroid mirroring service on the Gionee Pioneer P6?

Gionee Pioneer P6 - Airdroid Notifications

While some of you might be familiar with name Airdroid, as some may not. So let us introduce the service. Airdroid is a notification mirroring service that will collect the text you type, and would mirror the notifications of all apps and system onto your computer. This is a web based service and was introduced in the Airdroid version 2.0.9. Gionee has pre-installed this service on its Pioneer P6 handset. To enable these notifications, you have to go to Settings app, and then head over to the Accessibility section and further tap on “Airdroid Notification Mirror Service” to enable the toggle.

What is the Du Battery Saver on the Gionee Pioneer P6?

It is a dedicated application preinstalled by company. The purpose of the app is to provide you with latest data of the battery health. You can see how much heated the battery is as well as how much time is left till the battery is to drain completely. The app allows you to optimize the battery with one-touch button. There are four types of modes available including Prolong, General, Sleep and My mode. Although you can add as much as modes you like and customize them accordingly. Additionally the app gives you tips on how you can further optimize the battery performance on the Pioneer P6.

What are the Smart Gestures present on the Gionee Pioneer P6?

Well, Pioneer P6 is what can be called as a budget smartphone, and it is hardly priced under that range. And we say that because there are not many sensors installed on the device, so to take advantage of the Smart Gestures, there is only one application for that, which includes Pause Alarm. To enable this service you have to go to Settings app and then tap on the Smart Gestures, which can be found when you scroll the list below. Now toggle the button to ON as well as tick mark the box in front of Pause Alarm option. Now you would be able to silence the phone whenever an alarm gets started, by flipping it upside down.

What is the Hotknot feature present on the Gionee Pioneer P6?

Hotknot is Mediatek’s technology that allows data exchange between two Hotknot enabled devices. It is considered as the cheap alternative to the NFC developed by Mediatek. To exchange data via this feature, you have to first turn it ON. To do that you have to go to Settings app and tap on the Hotknot option, and then you have to toggle the button to ON, on both the devices. Now go to the gallery and open the image on the device that needs to be transferred on to another. Make sure to tap on an icon right next to the Share icon in the gallery, now touch the screens of the device while doing that, hold on for few seconds as the data gets exchanged. We have tried, and it’s good enough to share small files pretty fast.

What is the Amigo Paper UI on the Gionee Pioneer P6?

Gionee Pioneer P6 - Amigo Paper

There are not many themes available on the Pioneer P6, but that would not stop you as the Amigo Paper app has a large number of live wallpapers available that can be also used as the lock screen theme. And the thing is that they are quite good, and we have liked a lot of them. To set the live wallpaper, you have to launch the Amigo Paper app and can select either live or simple wallpapers, as there are many categories to choose from. You have to download the wallpaper first then you can set it live.

How to Use Location services in Battery Saving mode?

Assuming you like to travel a lot to different places, and one thing that your phone is always doing is tracking the GPS location, as you like to check in at the places you visit. Well, either that or you want to send your real time location to your loved ones. It is a good thing that you are doing, but in doing so the battery life of your Pioneer P6 will take a huge hit. If you are looking to extend the battery life of your device without compromising your safety, then there is a solution for that. You have to set the location service to the battery saving mode.

How to Turn on Lock Screen Notifications on the Gionee Pioneer P6?

There is not much customization available for lock screen on the Pioneer P6, but you can always control the notifications for missed call and unread messages on lock screen. To turn that ON, you have to go to settings app, and then head over to Display section. Opening that you will find a last option named Lock Screen Notifications, you have to tick mark the checkbox in front of it.

How to Turn ON the Wireless display on the Gionee Pioneer P6?

While there are many applications like miracast, chrome cast that lets you stream content to Smart TVs via a wireless connection. But on the Gionee Pioneer P6, company integrates the Wireless Display feature in the Settings app. Meaning, you don’t need third party apps from Google Play Store, as now you can directly go to the Settings app and tap on Display section, there you will find a Wireless Display option, you have to tap on and toggle the button to ON. Now it will search the wireless displays nearby your location. After selecting the display, you can see the functions mimicking on it as just as you do on the Gionee Pioneer P6. This feature is good for presentation as well as if you want to play the video clips and share with the family.

How to use the CPU Power Saving Mode on the Gionee Pioneer P6?

Well, if you are so worried about being draining the battery of the Pioneer P6, then you should just turn ON the power saving mode on the device. It can be done easily; you just have to launch the Settings app and go to the battery section on the list. Now tick mark the check box present in front of it. Remember that after turning ON this mode, the device performance might be limited.

How to Turn ON the Guest Mode on the Gionee Pioneer P6?

Gionee Pioneer P6 - Guest Mode

There are times when few uninvited peoples would pry your devices to see some information that is private. Now to keep your contents safe from those prying eyes, there is an easy way to hide it. You can turn ON the guest mode on your Pioneer P6, which would allow the user to not see the messages, albums, call logs, as well as neither they would be able to edit anything on your home screen. So, a total peace, you see.

How to use your Face as the Unlock key on the Gionee Pioneer P6?

It is somewhat a unique procedure to unlock the smartphones from its lock screen. The face unlocks are quite popular among the flagship but hasn’t been considered as a mainstream unlocking tool yet. But if you want to try the feature, company has integrated this too. You have to go to screen lock section present in the Quick Settings tab in Settings app. Tapping on it, a list of options will appear, now you have to tap on the Face Unlock option and follow the instructions. Remember to set up the Pattern or PIN Lock as your second backup authentication, making it a more secure handset.

How to turn ON the Tethering on my Gionee Pioneer P6?

It is quite easy to turn ON the Tethering service on your Pioneer P6. It is just that you need to have an internet connection, which needs to be turned ON before you can share your internet connection with others. After making sure, you have switched ON the mobile data on your device. Now it’s time to Turn ON the hotspot, to do so you have to go to settings app and head over to the “More Wireless” section. Where you have to tap further on “Tethering & Portable Hotspot” option, which will lead you to a new list. There you have to make sure that the checkbox in front of the “Portable WLAN hotspot” is marked.


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