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Gionee S Plus Tips, Tricks, FAQs & Useful Options



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Gionee S Plus is another device from the Chinese OEM that was launched in November 2015 for Rs. 16999. This 5.5-inch device will sport a 720p resolution giving 267 ppi pixel density on the AMOLED screen with Corning Gorilla Glass 3 protection. This handset is powered with a MediaTek MT6753 Octa-core processor with a clocking speed of 1.3 GHz coupled with 3 GB of RAM. The device will be competing against Xiaomi’s Mi4 and both being Chinese brand, we need to look how the competition heats up in the mid-range market.

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Below are the tips and tricks of Gionee S Plus smartphone that will provide you the maximum information about the device.

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How to insert the SIM card on your device?

To insert an SIM card on your smartphone, power off your device and remove the back panel. Now remove the battery and insert the SIM card in their respective ports as per the clear direction on the panel. Now place the battery back in its position and put the cover. Now boot the device and you have successfully inserted SIM card on your device.

Gionee S Plus

What is the type of SIM supported on this device?

S Plus is a dual SIM variant and will support two micro SIM’s. Having dual SIM capability is always an advantage over other devices that do not offer this. The user need not use two different devices for personal and office purpose.

How to share your Data network via Tethering on the device?

Sharing the Data over a network can be done using the tethering mode option on the device that is present in the settings of the handset. To share a Data Network on your Gionee S Plus, open the settings and tap the option more in wireless & networks. Now select Tethering & portable hotspot and toggle the button adjacent to portable WLAN hotspot to enable it. A maximum of eight devices selected devices can be connected to it.

How to take a Screenshot on my Gionee S Plus?

A normal screenshot can be taken by holding the power/lock button along with the volume down button, and the save screenshot can be viewed from the gallery of the device. There is also another way to take a screen shot i.e. that allows to take a screen shot of the whole screen or just the part of it. To capture a screen, open the dock that is at the bottom and tap on super screen capture. You will see three options, i.e., normal screenshot, long screenshots, part screenshots at the bottom of the screen. Tap on any of the options and select the region that you want to capture and click on save button. This is saved in the gallery and can be shared as any other normal screenshots.

How to install external apps with apk files on the device?

To install apk files on the device, initially, you need to enable the unknown sources option that is present in the device settings. Now go the Settings and tap on Security in the basic settings section. In the new window, head over to the device administration and click on Unknown sources. A pop-up appears on the screen, now tap on the OK button to enable the Unknown sources option on your device. Now you can install any number of external apk files on you’re the handset.

How to use the Power saving modes on the Gionee S Plus?

Power saving mode is useful in improving the battery life of the device in case of emergency. The device comes with two types of power saving modes, i.e., Normal mode and extreme mode. To use them on your device, open the Settings and tap on power management in the basic settings section. In the new window, tap on power manager and click on any of the power saving mode and tap on the open button to apply them to your device. This ensures that the battery on the device is used accordingly.

What are the sensors available on the phone?

The device comes with sensors like Direction, G-sensor, Acceleration, Light, E-Compass, Proximity, Gyro, Linear Acceleration and rotation vector.

How to check for the Android Updates on the device?

To check if any updates are available for the device, open the Settings and tap on About Phone option. In the new window click on System Updates and further tap on Check new version button at the bottom of the screen. The device checks for updates displays it if there is any update available which has to be downloaded and installed.

What are the Pre-installed Apps on the device?

S Plus comes Pre-installed with applications like Chameleon, Amigo Paper, Theme Park, System Manager and all other Google related applications along with bloatware.

How much is the internal storage on the Gionee S Plus?

The device comes with 16 GB as its internal storage, and around 9.2 GB of free space is available for the users and rest of space is occupied by Operating system and pre-installed apps. The storage on the device can be expanded to 128 GB using an external Micro SD card on the device

What are the benchmarking scores on the device?

Followed are the benchmarking scores of the device that will help in understanding performance levels of the device.

Antutu benchmark score: 36900
Vellamo Multicore score: 1493
Vellamo Metal score: 1123
Geekbench Single-core score: 611
Geekbench Multi-core score: 2765

Are there LED notification lights on the device?

Yes, the device comes with LED notification lights and to use these lights on your device, open the Settings and tap on Advanced settings. In the hardware section, tap on LED light and toggle the button’s to enable them on the device. The LED notification lights are available for low power remind, charging remind, and notification remind. This ensures that the user is notified and does not miss any message or other notifications.

Gionee S Plus

Can I Move apps from phone storage to SD card on this device?

Yes, there is an option on the S Plus using that you can move apps from internal to external storage on your device. To move an app, open the settings and tap on advanced settings. In the new window, tap on apps in the Advanced section and click on the app that you want to move. Now tap on the move to SD card in the app info window. This saves lot of space of the device and makes it smoother to use

What are the bloatware applications on the device?

The bloatware applications on the device include the games like Spiderman, Bubble Bash, Asphalt Nitro, Real Football 2014 and Danger Dash. The other bloatware applications are WPS office, DU Battery Saver, Touchpal 2015, DU speed booster, Twitter, Peel Smart Remote, Whatsapp and UC Browser.

Gionee S Plus

Can I remove the bloatware apps from the device?

Yes, the bloatware application can be removed by going to the settings of the device and tap on advanced settings. In the new window, select Apps in the system section and click on the app that you want to uninstall from the device. In the app info window, click on uninstall button and tap on the OK button in the pop-up to remove the application from your device. There is another way to uninstall the application by long holding the desired application, and you will get the option of uninstalling it.

Does the device support OTG?

Yes, the device does supports the USB OTG (On The Go) drive and helps in transferring the data on from device to drive and vice-versa. This is an easier method instead of transferring it to the system that consumes a lot of time.

How much free RAM is available on the device if no apps are running?

Gionee S Plus comes with 3 GB of RAM out which around 2.1GB of free RAM is available when no apps are running on the device. The rest of the RAM is used by the OS and the other pre-installed apps on the device.

What is the SAR value of the device?

The SAR (Specific Absorption Rate) for mobile phones quantifies the maximum exposure level of the users to the electromagnetic waves. The head SAR value of the device is 0.80 W/Kg, and the body SAR value of the device is 0.42 W/Kg.

What are the Black screen gestures available on the device?

Black screen gestures are similar to the off-screen gestures that we see on most of the devices. To use them on your device, open the Settings and tap on advanced settings. In the new window, tap on black screen gestures and toggle the off button to enable them on your device. The options available on the screen are Light the screen by tapping on it. Draw C for the camera, Draw e for contacts, Draw M to open the music player, Draw O to open the phone list, S for the calculator. There are two more options, i.e., letter W and letter Z for which we can assign the application manually by tapping on the idea icon adjacent to it and selecting the application. There is an advanced option on the device where you can add a custom gesture on the device and assign an application for it.

Will the Gionee S Plus get Android Marshmallow 6.0 Update?

The device comes with Android Lollipop 5.1.1 OS out of the box, but there isn’t any information from the company about the Android Marshmallow update to the device.

What is Chameleon and how to use it?

Chameleon is an app that is available on the Amigo OS, which helps in creating a live theme using the background color on your device. To use this on your device, open the app by tapping on it. The application opens with a camera and has two circles on the screen that will capture the background color. Now tap on the preview button and check the preview and tap the tick that is on the bottom of the screen to set that theme. This isn’t an exciting feature for me, but it may vary from user to user.

What is System Manager and how to use it?

System Manager is a new feature that we can see on most of the Gionee devices. This is used to clear the cache on your handset by removing the junk from your device. To use this on your device, open the system manager application and here you can find four options on it, i.e., Cache clean, App Manager, Power, Traffic, Eco Mode. Now tap on the rocket to boost the performance by cleaning the memory on your device.

What is Theme Park and how to use it?

This is another feature that only comes with Amigo UI devices. To use this on your handset, open the Theme Park app and tap on the theme that you want to use. Now click on the download button, once the theme is downloaded click on the applied button that is at the bottom right of the device and the theme is applied.

What are the smart gestures available on the device?

The device comes with Pause alarm, smart vibration reminder, and smart, bright screen. . To use this on your device, open the Settings and tap on advanced settings. In the new window select the smart gestures in the operation section and toggle the button to enable that on your device.

Pause alarm: You need to flip the hand device to pause or stop the ongoing alarm immediately.

Smart vibration reminds: In this mode, the device will vibrate when there is an unread message or missed called in the sleep mode.

Smart bright screen: The screen of the device will be normally maintained when the front camera detect that its user is viewing the screen.

How to enable the One-handed operation on the device?

One handed operation helps you to operate the screen by using one hand by reducing the screen. This feature can be mostly seen in devices with the bigger screen, where the user finds it difficult to use it with one hand. To use this option on the handset, you need to enable the suspend option on your device. Open the Settings of the device and tap on advanced settings. In the new window, tap on the suspend option and toggle the button adjacent to suspend button on your device. The suspend button appears on the screen. Now tap on the suspend button and click on the one-handed operation icon. The device is now ready to be used with a single hand.

What is Amigo paper and how to use it?

Amigo paper is an application that comes with a wide list of wallpapers on it, and it can be seen on few devices with Amigo UI. To use this on your device, open the application and tap on the wallpaper that you want to use. Now, tap on the download button and once the wallpaper is downloaded, click the set button that is given, and the wallpaper is set.

What are the Megapixel count of the front and rear camera on the device?

The Gionee Marathon M5 Plus came with a 13-megapixel rear camera and accompanied with a 5-megapixel front-facing camera for video calling and selfies. The rear camera is capable of capturing 1080p videos and come with features like Geo-tagging, touch focus, faces detection, panorama, and HDR

Gionee S Plus

How much battery is available on the device?

Gionee S Plus comes with a Li-Ion 3150 mAh battery inside the removable back cover that is excellent and easily lasts a day with a single charge on normal use. This gives a standby of up to 315 hours on 3G and up to 252 hours on 2G and also gives talk time up to 9 hours on 3G and 21 hours on 2G.

Will the device support 4G LTE?

Yes, the device does support 4G LTE along with GSM and HSPA. 4G LTE gives you faster-browsing speeds and saves the browsing time. LTE connectivity can be seen on all the devices that are coming into the market these days.

Can the device capture 4K videos?

No, the device cannot capture 4K videos with its 13 MP camera on the rear. This is a feature that can mostly be seen in high-end devices or camera centric devices.

What is Extreme mode on the S Plus?

This mode is extreme on its performance as turning on this mode will shut down all the functions on your device except for messages, calls, contacts list, and clock. On this mode, the device is capable of running more than 200 hours on a single charge! Now isn’t that extreme?

These are the tips and tricks of Gionee S Plus smartphone and if you have any queries about the same do comment in our PhoneRadar forum page. Tune in for more updates.


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