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Galaxy Note 7 units Crashing, Repeated Restart/Bootloop Issues. Is this #Brickgate?



Samsung launched the Galaxy Note 7 Phablet earlier this month. The device will start shipping starting 2nd September in India. The device has a beautiful curved 2k display on the front and has powerful specs inside, which makes it one of the best device out there. Also, the new improved S-Pen allows users to perform various different tasks as well. But if you are planning to buy one of this or if you have pre-ordered the device, then there is something you might want to know before proceeding further. Now just after a few days from the initial launch, users have started complaining about the device.

These complaints from the users are about the crashes, boot loops, and outright bricks of the device. Not many users are experiencing these issues, but we cannot ignore this as still a huge chunk of people facing these issues. So essentially it starts with a boot loop. And then once the user tries to force restart the device or try to get it to safe mode, the situation become even worse. It randomly crashes during the process, rendering it completely usable from there.

Apparently, Factory resets, wiping the cache, or anything else that a user can possibly do, doesn’t seem to help. So this looks more like a hardware issue. This might be something the company was not expecting as even some of the certified Samsung shops are also not able to figure out this issue. Another thing to note here is, till now only international users using the Exynos variant are facing this issue.

As you can see from the above post, it is affecting the Korean units as well. So we highly suggest you wait until there is any official working from Samsung on this issue, before investing on this phone. However, stay tuned to Phone Radar for more info on this in Future.


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