Free App of the Day – File Transfer for Android [Was $2.49 earlier]

by Amit Bhawani 17

Free App of the Day

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We bring to you, one of the best apps that have gone free for a limited time, from being a paid one always. Developers change the price sometimes for their own reason, and why shouldn’t we take advantage of it, and get the best app without paying anything?

Free App of the Day

Apps that went free earlier, and can still be free.

Amit Bhawani


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  • Kaushik Medhi

    cool world of apps !

  • Gopalakrishnan Ponnusamy


  • Collin Dias

    Good Job.

  • Shatarup Chowdhury

    innovative idea…!!!

  • Shatarup Chowdhury

    All suggestions are useful…

  • sameer shaik

    Really good stuff!!!

  • Collin Dias

    Thnk Q..vry useful

  • Kaushik Medhi


  • really nice selection!

  • Shatarup Chowdhury

    Every morning becoming a GOOD Morning… thnx to Team PhoneRadar…!!

  • thats an insane price drop and this articles getting pretty big.

  • Aman Singh Bhalla

    Really interesting apps!

  • i love the power of developers. people make beautiful things when they put their mind to it

  • Ankur Bajaj

    The link given by you is for the free version. The paid version is still at Rs.188.

  • Aditya Rohila


  • Aditya Rohila

    awesome app. Really liked it.

  • So many apps have been for iOS recently. Waiting for the Android game to come back strong