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Forget iPhone7, the 2017 iPhone could be All-Glass Model developed by Foxconn



Do you fancy an all-glass iPhone? Well, if you do so, you would have to wait for another year. As the Cupertino giant might not be making big changes as it was foreseen by many reports that have been popped up in the last couple of weeks. So, as of now, there won’t be any iPhone Pro version this year.

A report from Nikkei highlights that Apple might be parting ways with the initial idea of introducing two iPhone 7 Plus variants, where one was touted as the Pro version. So, it is quite clear now that Pro variant is dead. The device that is said to have been in works for a year is not coming this year. As it is believed that Foxconn the iPhone manufacturer is developing a glass casing that would be ready for the 2017 iPhone model.

For those of you who are not up to the speed, this year Apple was supposed to launch a total of three models, where Pro variant would have been the third and highest configuration model. Interestingly, the slow sales of current generation iPhone models are also one of the reasons that company is moving away from producing three different iPhone for their fall release.

According to the rumor mill, it was cited that iPhone 7 Pro would carry Apple’s Smart Connector, as well as other exciting upgrades such as dual lens camera. But now the new report states that rather releasing two iPhone 7 Plus version, one with a single lens and other with the dual lens, Apple has now ditched the single lens variant.

Well, it seems like Plus will be sporting all the upgrades that Pro was supposedly going to sport, as the company is planning to take that jump to establish themselves as a pioneer in the industry. So, this year we might not see the change the construction, but there is indeed some groundbreaking improvements that we might see including the 3GB of RAM and a higher clocking processor as leaked earlier in the Geekbench listing.

While for people who fancy a glass chassis with the metal frame as well as an OLED display panel on iPhone, they would have to wait till next year.


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