Fonkraft – First Modular Smartphone with 4100 mAh battery (Project Canceled)

by Chetan Bhawani 6

Fonkraft Modular Phone

Modular smartphones are in the talk since quite some time, and after there was an official briefing about what is to come in Project Ara, even with the modules showcased for people to know how it works, we are seeing someone else making the first modular smartphone. Dubbed as “Fonkraft”, this should be World’s first crowdsourced modular smartphone.

Update: The project is canceled by Indiegogo, stating that it didn’t meet their “Trust & Safety Standards”. The page is also removed from the website, and those who funded, are getting the refunds. Disappointing news, for those including us, who felt that this could make a real good impact and inspire others, as well as Project Ara to quicken up.

It works exactly the same way Project Ara was intended to work, and this phone looks cool with the modules, though, this isn’t something in the retail market. We are looking at a Indiegogo project, where it all depends on the funding the idea gets.

The components like CPU, battery, camera and screen can all be fixed on a central structure, and easily replaced when there is a need to upgrade or change due to any other reason. There are a few options, based on the specs and inclusions. Although, each of them will have the same 5-inch screen on the front, and they’ll be running Android OS.

Fonkraft Pilot: $99

Fonkraft Pilot

This has a Dual-core 1.3 GHz CPU, Dual-core GPU, 1GB RAM and 8GB storage, along with an 8MP camera, while it comes with a 3100 mAh + 1000 mAh combination. Here, the 5-inch screen has an HD display.

Fonkraft Resolution: $199

Fonkraft Resolution

This comes with a 20MP camera module, and by the looks of it, a 2.5GHz quad-core processor, quad-core GPU, 2GB RAM and 64GB internal storage. A 2800 mAh battery module is included as well. Here, the 5-inch screen has a Full HD display.

Fonkrat Hifi: $199

Fonkraft Hifi

A 192kHz HiFi module made out of wood will be an inclusion here, but the camera will be reduced to an 8MP shooter, while the other internals seem to be same as packed in Fonkraft Resolution, except the 2100 mAh battery. Here, the 5-inch screen has a Full HD display.

Fonkraft Elements – $299

Fonkraft Elements

This is the combination of all the modules that come in the package, and the user can define and use the modules. In short, the Fonkraft Elements can be made into Pilot, Resolution or HiFi anytime. That’s how cool the modular smartphone concept is. The Elements package is priced at $299.

Check out the Indiegogo page to know more. They seem to be shipping this in September, if the project is successfully funded. Looking at how there is no competition, huge demand to at least try and see how the modular smartphones work, we might see this being fully funded.

Chetan Bhawani

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  • rakesh kumar

    Nice phone

  • Really into the concept of customizable upgradable modular phone and as the first this definitely sets the bar. The One plus was definitely saying something at its price ta but this is a super steal. The ability to xperience modular before everyone else WHILE getting top of the line specs at $200-300 is outrageous. at 100$ your getting a behemoth battery! I m fully convinced modular will be the future, only problem is modular runs away from design oriented use. All those little squares and some with different colors will make your phone feel like a art project. Im sure that can be addressed with nicely designed components like the red cam on the project ara screens. This is awesome!

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  • Kaushik Medhi

    Does Big Battery abd Big storage makes a Smartphone more smarter and healthier ???

  • Nikhil Narkhede

    Concept is very interesting just like project ARA. Hope to this concept a real finished product soon.

  • Jack Barrett

    The title ‘First modular smartphone’ is the biggest lie of 2016. If this website actually researched, they would realise this is one of the newest and around seventh modular phone idea.


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