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Fix Top 5 Pokemon Go Problems like Server Issues, GPS error, Battery Drain



Pokémon Go by Niantic began rolling out to players across the globe, and like all any other new game release, a number of players have run into issues with the game, including problems with login authentication, servers going down, Pokémon Trainer Club registration, GPS, battery life, etc. Well, if you are experiencing any such issues with your game, then here we have compiled a list of known issues and troubleshooting methods for you to take a look.

“Unable to authenticate” error

A handful of users has reported this issue while playing the game. Many have feared their accounts were banned; it appears the issue is mainly with server overload. You can check the status of Pokemon Go servers, here. The best solution to this problem once the servers go up is to wait and try again, or to sign up via a Google account. Just keep in mind; if you have a Pokémon Trainer Club account you are already using, your progress will be reset.

GPS problems

Pokémon Go relies on mobile data and GPS to pinpoint you on a map so you can hit up PokéStops, catch Pokémon and battle at Gyms, so things kind of fall apart when your phone can’t get an accurate GPS signal. If you keep getting this error, then check if you have your GPS turned on and also make sure it’s on High Accuracy mode. Well, if it is still not working then try to stabilize your smartphone for about 30 seconds and then make sure, is functioning properly and then continue. This should pretty much solve any issue, if not then probably you should consider repeating the same steps to resolve the GPS issue. There are no other reported issues or solutions.

Battery drain

Battery drain is a known issue with Pokémon Go due to the game’s constant use of GPS signal. While the developers are working on fixing this issue, we still can do our part and save some battery to catch a few extra Pokemon. There are a few things you can do though that may help ease the battery drain.

  • Adjust Screen Brightness
  • Avoid Capturing Pokémon in AR Mode
  • Turn Sound Off
  • Turn off Bluetooth and Wi-Fi
  • Avoid zooming in and out of the Map.

Stay tuned for more tips on saving your battery as we discover more on this.

Data usage

Since the game requires you to walk outside and move around, you are going to move around, and this means, you are not going to be within your Wi-Fi range and will be using your mobile data. Everything is downloaded on the fly, to make sure you can keep current with the other players, and that means you’ll definitely be using mobile data. But the usage is not much as expected. It is usually around 20 to 30MB of data per hour.

You can do a few things to keep data usage down, like latching onto open Wi-Fi networks in cities, but for the most part, you should be cautious about how much mobile data you use in other apps while you’re out playing Pokémon Go. If you are listening to music or podcasts while playing, then be sure to pre-download them to avoid using more data on top of gameplay. And remember, each and every megabyte counts here to catch them all!

Pokémon Go Trainer Club progress resetting to level 1

If you have created more than one account in the game, then you are likely to get this issue. If you created two accounts – for instance, one using Google and another using Pokémon Trainer Club — then you’re probably experiencing this problem. The way to resolve it is to log out of your account via the Settings menu, then log in with the first account you used and use that one exclusively. The way to resolve it is to log out of your account via the Settings menu, then log in with the first account you used and use that one exclusively.

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If you don’t find your issue on the list, please share it with us in the comments below so we can take a look at that. If you are already playing the game then check out this article for best tips and tricks on how to get rare Pokémons and play better. Or if you are one of those who wants to get rid the name Pokémon from your feeds, then don’t worry, we got you. Click here to know more on that. Stay tuned for more information on this.


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