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Fix OnePlus 3 RAM Management Issues & get highest performance on your Phone



OnePlus recently launched their new Flagship for 2016, OnePlus 3. This smartphone has a killer specification that matches the flagships from competitions like Samsung, HTC and LG etc. Recently, various issues were reported over the internet about the RAM management in OnePlus 3. Despite having 6GB of RAM, the phone was closing apps running in the background just like other smartphones would do. OnePlus CEO Carl Pei confirmed that the company uses this RAM management method to optimize the user experience. He also mentioned that the users are free to tweak the settings themselves.

In case you want your OnePlus 3 to use it’s RAM to it’s fullest capacity, then here is a quick way to achieve it.

You need to access the build.prop and edit a line of code by changing its value. This will easily improve your RAM management issues.


  • The First step is to root your device. OnePlus allows it’s users to root it’s smartphone without voiding the warranty. After rooting, you can use root apps specifically designed for build.prop editing. Click here to download the app once you have rooted your device. You can also use any root explorers of your choice.
  • Once you locate the build.prop in your root folder, find the line “ro.sys.fw.bg_apps_limit=20” and just change the value at the end of the line to a higher value. You can go up to 42, which was tested previously and works fine.
  • Once you have edited the value, save your settings and leave the app. A restart may be required. Now, you can test your OnePlus 3 by throwing as many apps you want, and you will find out that it will hold more than what it used to, before applying this fix. This tweak would have almost doubled a number of apps it could hold.

Note that the battery life was not tested after this fix was applied. It may also affect your overall performance of the device. So make necessary changes only if you want to experiment at your risk. OnePlus has given no specific explanation as to why their device underutilizes the memory. But there are certain reports that the company did it so that certain stock applications like camera can perform better. However, it allows users to tweak their smartphone to their fullest abilities without having to worry about anything. There are a few more OnePlus 3 Tips that could help you get the max from your phone, do read them. Also we’re running a OnePlus 3 smartphone International Giveaway on Phone Radar. Click here to know about it.


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