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How To Find your Lost Wearable Band Indoor & Outdoors



Find Your Wearable

There are times when you need to secure your wearable devices from prying eyes while sometimes you may end misplacing your device, not intentionally. Not to get more dramatic here, but if you do misplace or seem to have lost your wearable device and particularly, then this is the ultimate way to find it if you have no options left. There are two types of methods we have mentioned below.

Lost/Misplaced Indoor (Search via Signal Level)

  1. First, you have to remove or force stop the proprietary application of your wearable device from your smartphone, which in our case was GOQii Band, reason being it locks the Bluetooth to certain functionality.
  2. Now you have to install and run BLE Scanner on your Android smartphone.
  3. Now a list of Bluetooth enabled device would come.
  4. If you have named your device, then it should be easy to recognize your device out of all the Bluetooth device that shows up on the list. Remember, the lesser the number in front of the device, the closer you will be getting to it.

Find Your Wearable

Lost/Misplaced Outdoor (Search via Location)

  1. First, remove the proprietary app from your smartphone or force stop it.
  2. Now you have to install and launch the Bluetooth 4.0 Scanner (BlueScan) app.
  3. In the list showing up, select the Low Energy scan.
  4. Tap on the start scan.
  5. Now turn OFF the screen and try to walk slowly to your last route that you think you would find your lost device.
  6. After going into the area, you have to tap on Database.
  7. If there’s your device in the list, then tap on it and log the coordinates.
  8. Open Google Maps app, navigate to the specified location and carefully look for the device within 10-20 meters.
  9. It would help more if you switch to above procedure now, as the device should be nearby.

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