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Fastrack Reflex WAV Band — Top Features



Expanding its fitness trackers line-up, Fastrack has unveiled its new fitness band — the Reflex WAV Gesture Band. Priced at Rs 4,995, the new Reflex band features a sleek design (thickness of 9mm) comes with a bunch of gestures and also claims to be the first band to feature gesture-based controls. Apart from the gestures, the Reflex WAV band features an OLED display, activity tracking, 24-hour sleep tracking, syncing calendar events, and claims to have over a week of battery life. We have tested out the fitness tracker for a quite a while now, here are the top features we found on the new Reflex WAV

Despite the OLED display, the company has put in a total of 7 screens that will help you monitor all your activity through the band itself, in addition to the Reflex WAV app on your smartphone that also showcases your daily activity.

1st Display Screen

As stated since its a fitness band, after all, the first screen showcases you the necessary activity and information at a glance. For instance, it shows your time, steps and weather conditions that include current temperatures (Max & Min). There are long pressing gestures as well, where you can long press for 3 seconds that results in a vertical display on your band, where you can check the Time, Date & Day at a glance.

2nd Display Screen

This is where the band serves its actual purpose; this screen allows you to see how much distance you have covered that includes your steps taken, in addition to your calories burnt count alongside the progress bar.

3rd Display Screen

This screen primarily showcases if there are any events on your Google Calendar, which can be synced during the initial setup or via the app as well.

4th Display Screen

This screen can be utilized to show you the time, date and day and you can add a second city time as well. However, if you don’t need a second city time, you can long press the touch area for 3 seconds to get your Alarm display.

5th Display Screen

We believe a band would be complete if it allows or showcases you the music controls of your smartphone on the band itself (since music and fitness go in sync altogether). This screen exactly does that it allows you to play and pause or skip tracks by long pressing and hand-based gestures.

6th Display screen

This screen adds some extra functionality on your band; for instance, you can click a picture with your smartphone’s front or rear camera by using hand gestures. This would be useful for larger phones as clicking a selfie would sometimes be difficult in certain conditions. Long pressing the touch area for 3 seconds within this screen asks you to select the front or rear camera of your smartphone, which further takes you to your viewfinder on the smartphone.

7th Display Screen

While last but the not the least, the 7th screen showcases you the most prominent part of the band, i.e., is the battery status. There’s a bar along with battery percentage showcased on this screen. There’s also an Advance settings option on this screen as well, which when tapped allows you to explore some more settings.

The Advance Settings has a few more screens with several other options.

The First Screen – allows you to check whether the phone is connected by pressing the top touch area. There’s a start/stop sleep functionality as well, which can be enabled by pressing down on the touch area.

The Second Screen – this has an option to enable or disable the plane mode of your band.

The Third screen – allows you to factory reset by pressing on top touch area and a small press on the down touch area re-activates Bluetooth of your Reflex WAV band.

And lastly, the Fourth display screen showcases the current software version of the Reflex band.

Besides the display screens, where you have most of the control of your band or settings related to a smartphone, the Reflex WAV app allows you to dig deep into your daily, weekly and monthly activities. You can have a glance of your recorded activity through graphs. Since the Reflex WAV has a 24-hour sleep tracking functionality, the app allows you to monitor your sleep cycles and sleep times as well.

As this is featured to be the first gesture-based smart fitness band, as stated by the company, there are quite a few useful gestures that help you get along during small but necessary tasks quite easily.

As stated earlier, in the camera options screen (6th Display screen), which when enabled, a notification pops on your smartphone, thereafter rotating your hand allows you to capture the desired photo.

And while you are on the music screen (5th Display Screen), there’s a gesture to skip tracks easily. Opening your default music app on your smartphone and twisting your hand allows you to jump to the next track pretty quickly. The other gestures include controlling your Powerpoint presentations, and if you use a device based on Android 8.0 or 8.1, you can mute calls quite promptly with a gesture as well.

As acclaimed these gestures are certainly new to a fitness band, Fastrack did make this fitness band more interactable with gestures instead of just a fitness tracking device. However, the Fastrack’s Reflex Band isn’t perfect, the lack of Heart Rate Monitor is a disappointment especially for what it’s priced.


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