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The Factory of Exploding Galaxy Note 7 Batteries Itself Catches Fire



The Galaxy Note 7 is the hottest smartphone in 2016, not due to beefy specifications but for the battery explosions. Almost all the airlines banned the device from using on their flights, and few governments banned it even from carrying. Both the Samsung and the South Korean government recently clarified that the flaw in the battery design is the reason for the explosions. The company also recalled all the Galaxy Note 7 devices though few thousand of units are still left with the users. The batteries caused for the explosions came from the Samsung’s subsidiary company, Samsung SDI.

Interestingly, today the Samsung SDI factory in Tianjin, China which manufactured the Galaxy Note 7 batteries caught fire. From the images shared on Weibo, we can see the dense black smoke above the factory. The Samsung spokesperson announced that the fire broke out at the waste depository factory and the production is not affected. Samsung hasn’t mentioned the reason for the accident, and as of now, no casualties are reported from the site. However, the firefighting authorities said that the lithium-ion batteries and other semi-assembled products caused the fire.

Though it is said to be a small fire, the dense smoke in the images shows as it is coming from different parts of the plant. Even after all this, the upcoming Galaxy S8 might still use the batteries from the SDI. The company recently announced an investment of 150 billion won (approx $129 million) for the safety testing of batteries. While Samsung SDI had a total of 8 production plants in China, the Tianjin plant is responsible for the lithium-ion batteries. The Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus are rumored to launch in the next couple of months. After the Galaxy Note 7 disaster, let’s hope there won’t be any more smartphone explosions in the future.


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