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Facebook’s Latest App, LifeStage is Now Available for Android OS – Download



Facebook is taking more and more inspiration from SnapChat; few also calls it as copying. First, Instagram got the new Instagram Stories which works same as the Snapchat stories. Later, WhatsApp has been updated with options to add text, emoji, and drawings on top of the images and videos. If the rumors are to be believed, soon we might also see the stickers on WhatsApp. Facebook’s one more app; Messenger recently got the Secret Conversation option where the messages will be expired after a certain time set by the sender. Snapchat has this option from the very beginning. In August this year, Facebook made one more attempt to clone the Snapchat by announcing the LifeStage for iOS, but it’s only for high schoolers as said by Michael Sayman, Facebook’s product manager and creator of Lifestage app.

Before diving into more details, from now on the LifeStage app is also available for Android OS and you can download it from the below box. Talking about the app features, you don’t need to have a Facebook account instead you must have a mobile number. There will be a bunch of questions coming and you need to answer with photos and videos; the more you answer, the more questions will be unlocked. Since it basically for high-school or college going boys and girls, the users with less than 22 years of age can watch other profiles. The users with an age of 22 and above, can create their profiles and are restricted in watching others profile. The full features will be unlocked only when there are more than 20 profiles from the same school.

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You will see questions like My Happy Face, My Tired Face, My Friday Face and some weird ones like In My Fridge. There are several fields like Music, Reactions, Food, Home and School where you can question related to each field. The app is more focused the small niche of people who are already active on other social networking apps. With no privacy settings, not many of the school going kids will stay on the app. The LifeStage was first made available for iOS users, and till date, it has 29 ratings with just two stars. Looking at the buzz it has created, Facebook might rethink about the core strategy of the app. In case, anyone of you using the app, share your feedback in the comments section below.


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