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Facebook Introduces New Payment Gateway Service within the App



Back in 2016, Facebook had introduced the Marketplace feature within the app, and it was designed as a place where people could buy and sell items with other people within the community. Within the Facebook feed interface, the company had added this marketplace to have a convenient experience to its users. Users could discover items that are on sale, and there were options to resale as well. To have a smoother experience Facebook might add the most prominent feature within the app or all over the app, which is the payment gateway option.

First spotted by folks at mobileworld, Facebook might roll out (it has been rolled out for some already) this new payment feature in the Facebook app for both iOS and Android platforms. Named Pay with Facebook, the gateway has appeared for some users within the app, which allows users to make payments with multiple payment options that include cards like Visa and MasterCard and other options like cryptocurrency as well, according to the shared screenshot in the report. However, the cryptocurrency option that appeared in the gateway is speculative and might be a generic symbol to denote other means of payments.

The Pay with Facebook option can be seen on few of the Pages, which sell several products after tapping on it takes you to another page within the app showcasing various symbols of the payment options that include Visa and MasterCard icons. Bear in mind, this payment gateway indeed doesn’t appear as the conventional payment system wherein you enter your card details, and the payment has been done; instead, you are greeted with an Ask to pay button. After tapping on the respective, you are taken to the respective page’s contact name in Facebook’s Messenger app. To be clear, clicking on the ask to pay indicates that you are ready to pay and you have sent the same as a request to the seller. After which, the seller will receive prompting message of your payment request, and if the seller accepts it, the further payment process continues.

As of now, there isn’t any official announcement from Facebook regarding the new ‘Pay with Facebook’ feature. We can expect this new might be under testing phase for some users and very limited pages. However, we can expect the official rollout of the feature sometime soon. Stay tuned to PhoneRadar more such interesting updates.



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