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Facebook is again going after Snapchat with Facebook Stories



Facebook has been quite aggressive lately with adding new features to its existing platforms. Earlier we saw how Messenger got some new features like doodling, self-expiring messages, etc. Even Instagram got a couple of new features like Instagram Stories & Live feature as well. Although Snapchat was the first one to have stories feature in its app and it is, in fact, one of the prime factors that play a key role in overall Snapchat user experience. But Facebook copied it and baked the feature right on top of the main Instagram app. Well now, Facebook is going after Snapchat once again.

According to the new reports which we have, Facebook launched Facebook Stories in Ireland on iOS & Android. The feature is only available in Ireland as of now hence it looks like the social media giant wants to test the feature out with a small group of people only. Do make a note that this feature will soon make its way to other countries as well. And this is certainly not the first time that Facebook has done something like this and most people believe that this will not be the last time either. Earlier similar copied features were baked into apps like Poke & Slingshot as well.

While this is nothing new that we are seeing here on Facebook, it is a huge question mark when it comes to the implementation of this feature in Desktop. Although Instagram and Snapchat both had this feature, they both are mobile apps, and hence they handled them just fine. But since Facebook more like a mainstream social media and most people still use it on the desktop, it will be interesting to see the implementation there. However, there is no doubt that it be very popular since the feature is hard ignore as it sits on top of your news feed.

It has also been reported that Facebook tested a similar feature in the month of July last year called the Quick updates which was dropped soon after that. With the help of this feature, users will be able to click photos or videos and share them instantly after applying some filter, etc, if they wish to. It is expected that addition of Facebook Stories might cause some trouble for Snapchat. Hence we expect Snapchat also to come up with something new to stay on top of the game. Recently the company launched the Snapchat Spectacles which as the name suggests is a spectacle/sunglasses with a camera built right into it. Let us know if you will be using the Facebook Stories feature or you would like to stick to Snapchat or Instagram.


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