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Facebook Cutting Ties with Huawei phones, suspends app pre-installs: Report



After Google, Qualcomm, Intel, and other US-based tech companies have cut ties with Huawei due to the ban imposed by the US authorities on selling American hardware and software; the social media tech giant Facebook had joined the list as well. Facebook will no longer allow pre-installation of its apps on Huawei smartphones, which comes as another blow as recently ARM has also suspended its support to Huawei.

According to Reuters, Facebook has confirmed that current Huawei smartphone consumers will be able to use the Facebook and its related apps and would also receive future updates, but in the forthcoming Huawei phones, Facebook will not allow its app which includes Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram pre-installed on the respective devices. Pre-installing apps with new devices have been a practice for quite a while now. Apps like Facebook, Twitter come pre-installed just as Google’s set of apps pre-installed on any Android device.

The report suggests that this move from the social media tech giant is said to dampen the sales of Huawei products furthermore since the company has already got an unhealthy atmosphere with a ban imposed by the US. Huawei seems to have declined to comment on this recent move from Facebook, according to the report.

Earlier, Google has also stopped providing Android software support for future Huawei phones regardless of the present Huawei phones out there will still have Google’s Play store and Google apps as well. Chipset makers like Qualcomm and Intel have also cut ties with Huawei; however, TSMC has stated that it would still support Huawei regardless of the ban imposed by the US.

For those unaware, the ban was initially imposed by the US alleging Huawei being too close to the Chinese government, and further stating that the company with its products would lead to spying by authorities, which Huawei had denied already. Stay tuned to Phoneradar for more such interesting updates.



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