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Explosions not New for Samsung, Earlier Air Conditioners, Now Note 7 & Washing Machine Blasts



Samsung Electronics, the brand that is known for its popular electronics equipment all over the world had not so great time since last four weeks. The reason you might be aware of if you haven’t been living under the rock. For those who were, well, Samsung Galaxy Note 7, the company’s new phablet saw explosion due to battery pack issue as the device was overheating to the extent that the phone would literally blast.

While Samsung might have recalled and gain the trust of its loyal fans as more than 90% of the Note 7 owners have opted for exchange instead of refund money; it can be said that some of the reputation of the Samsung has been damaged due to it. Whereas the loss of around $1 Billion is also there. The company would need to rebuild the lost (even if it’s little) trust of some Samsung enthusiasts.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Timeline from Launch to Explosions to the $1 Billion Recall

Coming to the highlight of the article, you might not be aware of this that it isn’t a first time that a Samsung electronics device has exploded. Going back in time we found that the Air Conditioners manufactured by Samsung have been exploded in India. Once such case was reported back in 2012 when a Samsung Air-conditioner suddenly exploded while it was being operated for maintenance.

Sadly, the mechanic operating on AC was killed on the spot as reported by News Channel’s website. This unfortunate incident happened in Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh. Though, the repair is questionable as the Repair guys came from Panasonic company, while the A/C was stated to be of Samsung. The blast was quite loud as people came out of their homes in a panic on hearing the sound of the blast.

It is probably not the kind of thing Samsung might be hoping to be part of, but it is happening. But apart from the Galaxy Note 7 and one incident of the Air Conditioner, there is another product from electronics giant that has exploded in the recent times. It was Samsung’s Top Loading Washing Machine.

One Texas Woman recently claimed and filed a class-action lawsuit against Samsung as she claims that the Washing Machine exploded while it was in use. In a statement issued by U.S. regulators, it has been warned that Machines manufactured between March 2011 and April 2016 might have safety issues.

Samsung in more Mess with their Washing Machine Exploding after Note 7 Blasts

The Consumer Product Safety Commission suggests that people use only the delicate cycle to wash bedding and water resistant & bulky items. The reason is that lower spin speed reduces the risk of impact injuries or property damage as it will become dislodged. The agency is working with Samsung to resolve this issue.

Do make a note that this warning comes after a month’s time when Samsung Washing Machine users reported and filed a federal class-action lawsuit because the machines exploded. From what is being circled, there is not one but several cases of the explosion of top loading washing machine from the company.

In a court filing, complaints from various consumers in Texas, Georgia and Indiana have said about this violent boom. Some consumers have even witnessed the penetration of their garage wall. The statement also released quotes that in rare cases, the affected units may experience abnormal vibrations that could pose a risk of personal injury or property damage when washing bedding, bulky or water-resistant items.

It might be a different story with Washing Machines unlike Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 smartphone, but the danger is still the same. Regardless of the device size, any electronics product explosion can be proved quite dangerous to the consumers. We recommend you take caution on using any such products.

It can be stated after looking at history that Samsung’s electronics products aren’t new to this kind of behaviour.


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