Exclusive: Upgraded Blackberry KEYone to Launch in India in July for Rs. 39,999

by Teja Chedalla 55

As we had exclusively reported earlier, Blackberry will be launching its KEYone smartphone here in India with a couple of upgrades. However, last time we didn’t have an official info regarding the launch date for the same. But according to our sources, the company will be launching the smartphone here in India in the month of July i.e. next and as mentioned earlier, it will be priced at 39,999 INR. Everything else about the smartphone remains unchanged and hence we suggest you go ahead and read on to know what’s coming. And if you happen to have nay queries, then be sure to leave them down below in the comment section.

Earlier – Back in September 2016, Blackberry had officially announced that they would quit the smartphone hardware business. However, it had entered into agreement with TCL, Optiemus Infracom, and BB Merah Putih to design, manufacture, and sell the BlackBerry-branded smartphones. While the Optiemus Infracom and BB Merah Putih holds the exclusive rights for the Indian subcontinent and Indonesia respectively, TCL will be selling the Blackberry devices in rest of the markets. All these devices will be running on the tweaked Android OS and Blackberry will be providing the software support for these devices like the Android OS and security updates.

At the MWC 2017, TCL has announced a new QWERTY smartphone called as the Blackberry KEYone. It was first teased at the CES 2017 event held in Las Vegas in early January 2017. Before launching the KEYone, TCL launched the Blackberry DTEK50 and DTEK60 smartphones that are just the rebranded devices. Though the KEYone is designed and manufactured by TCL, it includes all the Blackberry features along with the iconic QWERTY keyboard. A few weeks back, the Blackberry KEYone was made available in the U.S and Canada retailing at $549 (that comes to approx Rs. 35,500).

Our source has Exclusively confirmed with us at PhoneRadar that the Blackberry KEYone QWERTY smartphone will be launching in India. The device is going to be an upgraded KEYone that would be manufactured in India and the work begins around Mid May while the phones are expected to launch around the 2nd week of June in the country. TCL has no rights to sell the Blackberry KEYone in India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, and Nepal. This is reason Optiemus Infracom is expected to work on the device and will sell them in India. As of now, there is no information about the availability of the KEYone in Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, and Nepal where the Optiemus Infracom is the official partner. One interesting point to note is that the Indian variant of the Blackberry KEYone will pack slightly better specifications than the global variant.

It comes with dual SIM dual standby support and offers 4G VoLTE connectivity. The Blackberry Aurora Smartphone that was manufactured by the BB Merah Putih in Indonesia is the first ever Blackberry device to offer dual SIM support. While the KEYone was launched with just 3GB of RAM, the Indian variant will feature an extra gig of RAM. Since the OS is taken care by Blackberry itself, the device will be running on Android 7.1 Nougat out of the box and will receive the monthly security updates as well. The Blackberry KEYone is said to cost Rs. 39,999 in India and will be available in the market from next month.

TL;DR (PhoneRadar Exclusive)

  • Upgraded RAM
  • Dual-SIM Support
  • Manufactured in India
  • Rs 39,999 Price
  • Launching in June 2017

The device sports a 4.5-inch Full HD (1620 x 1080 pixels) IPS display with unusual 3:2 aspect ratio. The square shaped display should be good for using productivity apps, but not while consuming multimedia content. Beneath the display is the four-row QWERTY keyboard that supports capacitive gestures and every button can be customized for two shortcuts. The Space bar in the fourth row also comes integrated with a fingerprint sensor and also acts as a shutter button in the camera app. There is a 12MP rear camera with PDAF and an 8MP selfie camera on the front with 84-degree wide angle lens.

Under the hood is the power efficient Qualcomm Snapdragon 625 SoC coupled with Adreno 506 GPU. The 3,505 mAh battery capacity is also largest we have ever seen on a Blackberry smartphone. It also supports Quick Charge 3.0 with the USB Type-C 3.0 port that can charge from 0% to 50% in just 36 minutes. Along with the basic connectivity options like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.2, and GPS; it also has NFC support for authorizing payments via mobile payment services like Android Pay. Apart from the regular power button and volume rocker, we can also find the Blackberry’s Convenience Key.

Stay tuned on PhoneRadar for the official launch date of the Blackberry KEYone in India. How many of you would be interested in buying the Blackberry KEYone for Rs 39,999, let us know in the comments section below.

Teja Chedalla

A Mechanical Engineer who loves cricket and is passionate about traveling. Here at PhoneRadar, he covers exclusive news around gadgets & technology by digging deep into the Internet. You can connect with him on all the social platforms @t4teja.

  • mr.perfect RAHEJA

    take my money …..

  • Vishal Giri

    no business for Blackberry in India..

  • Kees-Jan Kindt

    Would be interested to buy one in Holland

  • Deepesh Kr. Sharma

    I love BB and the Keyone looks amazing. Definitely buying one. Have iph7+ but still BB love doesn’t wear out easily.

  • anand rajan

    I’m waiting for KEY1 in India… Hope to have Mr.keyone in june for sure 🙂

  • phanikumar

    I m using my blackberry classic since 2015…..The best phone ever and it can be surely replaced by blackberry keyone…..since the day when it launched in February and it has gone through market from april i m trying to get it from London or canada through my friends….!!!but i m just waiting for tat phone to get into my hands from a store rat her than unlocked piece…..!!!!so sure shotly if it gonna launch in June first week I ll just wait for tat and seriously I m the first guy whoz gonna buy tat from hyderabad!!!!!!The specifications are at its best battery pack up just amazing!!! It can seriously beat any other phone in many aspects…..bb keyone😍

  • Avish Bhardwaj

    I love BB phones. Waiting for Keyone…

  • Nice upgrade..✌️ would love to get one, but can’t afford it! 😂


      wait for sometime. the price will drop like priv 🙂

    • A lil late but it’s coming ✌️


    i am using blackberry passport. now its time to say bye bye to passport.

  • Dikshant

    I m also the Biggest Fan of BB Phones but Only with Previous Pure Breed OS 10 when i was saw the First Blackberry through m Naked Eyes which was Z10 and it’s such an Amzing Phone ! Currently using BB Z3 and it’s almost 2 Years Passing away but there is only issue is Memory ! Now i want to Upgrade my Phone with BB Only ! and now that thing is coming but when launched in India ? Any Romours about that Beauty with Privacy? HMMm ??????

  • O’ez Shaikh

    I don’t care much about the dual sim slot but I’m many business class users (the phones target market) will appreciate it.
    However, I do believe if it is launched with 4gb of ram it would definitely be a major hit as the phones major weakness as of now, as noted worldwide is that it is slow at times because of it’s 3gb ram set up.
    Indian business users and even nostalgic blackberry users who’re eyeing KeyOne as thier next potential full time phone, will surely not mind paying more for an upgraded version.
    I hope these are not just rumors.
    Really looking forward to get one as soon as it launches here.
    Honestly, if all this is true…I wouldn’t paying 45000 for it.

  • Ghouse Malick

    Is this authentic???.. because this is the only article in the internet which says Blackberry Keyone will be launched in india with Dual SIM..

    • This story is Exclusive for a reason. We on PhoneRadar news way early before its covered by others. Stay tuned to know more when its launched in India.

      • Parikshit Kapoor

        Hi amit, who so ever has used bb once cant go left & right….. i am a bb boy, eagerly waiting for this device , actually hv ordered to my frnd in US as well but by the time i come to knw bb k1 will be available with better specs in india itself i hv kept the order on hold, is it possible to come the exact date by when bbk1 will be available in india.

        By the past track record of bb… they always launch phones in india in the month of august and units will be avaialble by the month of september in hand.

        Thats y want to knw the exact date of the phone availability in india.

        Thanks and rgds,
        parikshit kapoor (kapoorpari1@gmail.com)

  • Kumar Rishikesh

    When, phoneradar, when? Is it going to launch?

  • Waiting on K1

    So we are now well into June and no signs of any of this happening. Any updates?

  • Rishikesh Santosh Shinde

    Where is the keyone? It’s end of June 2017 already and no sight of BlackBerry Keyone yet and neither there are any details pertaining to its proposed launch. I’ve tweeted bbmobile and I am yet to get any response!!! Appalling for company to commit and not follow through.
    I love BlackBerry devices, and one of them (passport) accidentally broke last week and wanting to upgrade, have been waiting patiently for Keyones launch!
    Are there any specific launch dates or its just rumour? I need the answer so that I can decide to wait for BlackBerry or just go rogue and purchase a iPhone!!!

    • Good news, are you still waiting!

      • Rishikesh Santosh Shinde

        I guess i’m still waiting….

  • Rishikesh Santosh Shinde

    Got a tweet from @bbmobile and @crackberry quoting “There was never a official annoucement of a June 17′ release for India. Nor has any official statement been made about release in India”

    I’m not sure why @tejachedalla / @phoneradar is misleading its readers!!!!!

  • Vishal Giri

    wonder if anyone is gonna buy it when u can get LG G6 with SD821 and OnePlus5 with SD835 for 2k less than this phone!!

  • Waiting on K1

    For sure this is the K1 and not some other phone?

  • Rishikesh Santosh Shinde

    Any news on the launch date, yet?

  • Rishikesh Santosh Shinde

    July is just next week… that’s good news.
    Will it really have a dual sim port? Is this news confirmed?

  • Vinay Rai

    I am currently using BB Classic & Passport but waiting for Keyone also for its being Android Ph.
    Vinay / Patna

  • Amritha Alapati

    Lot of appreciation for Keyone 🙂 The real BlackBerry experience again. Am waiting to switch from Priv to Keyone, is the Indian version better or can I go right ahead and get it from the US?

    • Rishikesh Santosh Shinde

      US would be 20ks costlier than the Indian one?


    Launch date India pls

  • Rakesh Akkineni

    After a few days article will be updated with the launch date as Aug … Fake News and Fake articles… cheap tactics to attract attention.

  • Khursheed

    Hi! This is khursheed here & I m using right now BlackBerry leap n wanted to replace with BlackBerry keyone. So plz lemme know the actual n confirmed launching date for BlackBerry keyone. I would like to buy this device.

    Thanks & Regards

  • ashish mishra

    No news on Keyone India so far, The questionable thing is the call centre at OPTIEMUS INFRACOM LIMITED have no clue about the date or specs,the most faithful Crackberry doesnt say it anywhere, neither does blackberry, so you , phoneradar and your exclusive source are just yanking us around for publicity just like the first google search of “keyone india”, these websites started putting a prebooking ad + prices even before it was launched, Guess all of you are thick as thieves for web hits. NO newsof an upgraded model or launch date from the Indian manufacturer or Blackberry yet. Guys just think of it, Crackberry’ Kevin who officially launched the phone, they dont mention it, and these guys have exclusive sources…..

  • Rishikesh Santosh Shinde

    Mid-July and still no news!
    Anyone got any update? Phoneradar?

  • Rishikesh Santosh Shinde

    Where is BlackBerry keyone???

  • Sunil Kumar

    I am using BB Passport for last 3 years (almost) now since whatsapp doesnt support BB platform hence I need to change to android version. eagerly waiting for BB Keyone.. as other brands dont impressive and lookwise are same. BB Dtek also not that good, Priv is sliding phone and I need a bar phone. trying all the site but there is no information about the Launch of BB Keyone in India, initially news came that India launch is August.. and Ashish Mishra is right that Optiemus Infra also have No clue about the launch date or availability.. Blackberry should think twice.. India can change its fortune (in phone business)

  • Kumar Rishikesh

    Arey yaar, will it even launch or not? Seriously, this phone is getting on my nerves now.

  • Himanshu Chourasia

    Who Cares For BB? डूबती हुई नाव मे कौन बेठना चाहेगा.

  • Advait B Detha

    I’ve been trying to contact both BlackBerry and Optiemus for months now because of how suspicious this article looks and how this news (if fake) could be keeping Indian customers from buying the international variant and as a result, hurting their sales. I finally got a response from both in the last week. They’ve basically said that although they can not confirm or deny such news, they will certainly be taking legal action should this turn out to be absolutely false. This “exclusive” reporting better be true.

    • Rakesh Akkineni

      Advait , who knows Optiemus might have asked phoneradar to write this fake article to keep indian customers from buying the international variant…

      • Advait B Detha

        @rakeshakkineni:disqus, I don’t think so, but if that could be the case, this means that Optiemus are at least working on a release. Besides that, there is no reason for them to do something like this. They wouldn’t gain anything from declining sales of the international version if they don’t have a version of their own planned out. All in all, if Optiemus has had any role in this article, that means it’s legit news.

        • Rakesh Akkineni

          @advaitbdetha:disqus… I am hoping that you are right , keeping my fingers crossed .. eagerly waiting for a positive announcement

    • Rishikesh Santosh Shinde

      Legal consequences – – that’s between BlackBerry and Phone radar… We are getting affected though… so should we take a legal recourse?

      • Advait B Detha

        If this turns out to be fake, I can see a reason why me and some of the other BlackBerry loyalists in India would feel enraged over such misleading reporting which has been going on for months, but honestly I don’t think legal action from the fan community is worth the time or the money. I would much rather use the extra cash for getting the international version (I’ve seen it go for as low as 48k on eBay)

  • Rishikesh Santosh Shinde

    When Phone Radar? When?
    Am getting news of August launch…

  • Mohan Ranawde

    I think, after an analysis of prevailing information about the Keyone, this news is a fake one.
    There is no talk about an Indian firm partnering to manufacture Keyone anywhere. If it were so, Optimus and BlackBerry would have issued issued statement.
    This news is aimed at the TRP’s and appearing first on the Google search.
    So if there is anybody wanting to purchase an international BlackBerry Keyone by all means go ahead.
    FYI, there is No customs duty on Consumer Electronics for personal use upto Rs50000. So ordering it online form UK, will cost you shipping only.
    The price quoted on Ebay India is exorbitant, almost Rs 12000 more.
    The only problem about ordering from UK is about service and backup.

    • Rakesh Akkineni

      Mohan , i think news that optimus owns the rights to manufacture and sell BlackBerry mobiles in india is correct… there are many news websites like hindustand times e.t.c confirming the same…. But i would agree that this article of phoneradar does not have any proof so most likely a fake news to gain extra publicity…. Ur idea of purchasing Keyone from UK sounds great , but i for one wont opt to do the same… as Keyone being sold in UK is made by a chinese company ,i feel its not worth purchasing a chinese mobile…. if Optimus does not manufacture Keyones in india , i would prefer to purchase BB Priv + a power bank

      • Mohan Ranawde

        Optiemus has a contract with BlacBerry only for the software part. This contract has been done way back in 2016 and was reported on some media channels…but agreement regarding manufacturing phones is a big thing and would have been a bigger news.

        • Rakesh Akkineni

          Following is stated in the article published in “thehindubuisnessline” dated feb 6th 2017,

          ” New Delhi, Feb 6:

          Canadian smartphone firm BlackBerry today said it has
          inked a pact with Optiemus Infracom for manufacturing BlackBerry Android
          handsets in India, Sri Lanka, Nepal and Bangladesh.”

          for some reason phoneradar is not allowing me share that link here … a simple google search leads to this article… so the pact also includes manufacturing in india.

  • हितेश छाभैया

    it’s confirm… blackberry keyone going to launch in Indian from begging of August…just confirmed from optiemus toll free customer care number, i have recording also…

  • हितेश छाभैया

    it’s confirmed… blackberry keyone going to launch in Indian from begging of August…just confirmed from optiemus toll free customer care number, i have recording also…

    • Advait B Detha

      Can you please share? advait.two@gmail.com

      • हितेश छाभैया

        18004192556, this is official optiemus toll free number, just call them, u will get answer beginning of august…

  • Rakesh Akkineni

    Phone Radar aren’t you invited for the launch event…. no update on the post ???…. looks your fake source is not able to get you an invite


    Black berry phone with Android…. And cum with letest version… WoW