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Essential Plans To Launch A Lot Of Magnetic Accessories For The Phone In Near Future



If you have been following the news lately, then you probably already know how popular the Essential phone is. And if you have been living under a rock and have no idea what Essential phone is, it is basically a new smartphone from the company called Essential which is founded by Andy Rubin. The USP of the smartphone is the display as well as the ability to work with a ton of accessories that connects magnetically to the smartphone.

Talking about these accessories, there aren’t a ton of them in the market right now, however, it looks like this is about to change very soon. Yes, it looks like the company will be adding a lot of new magnetic accessories to the portfolio. As of now, there’s only one i.e. a 360-degree 4K camera. It has been reported that the company is planning to six more and apparently, they are already developing two out of them.

Andy Rubin, the founder of the company, revealed in an interview with the source that they are currently working on an accessory that can output high quality audio from the phone to a car stereo wirelessly. Apparently, they are also working on the world’s smallest 3D laser scanner. Both of them are pretty self-explanatory and you probably already guessed what they both will be able to do.

As far as the 3D scanner is concerned, it looks like it will work the same way, how a self-driving car uses the laser to calculate the distance between the cars, etc. Similarly, the scanner will scan the objects and determine the dimensions, etc. It is not entirely known how this will work, but this at least gives us an idea of what to expect. You can expect these accessories to connect to the Essential Phone via the magnetic connector/ pins at the back.

Once it launches, we also hope that the company will bundle it with the smartphone at a discounted price. However, do make a note that we don’t have any info regarding the launch of these accessories. But considering the fact that the company is currently developing these two, we can expect them to ship sometime next year. If you are interested, then we suggest you stay tuned to PhoneRadar for more info on this.

Source – Bloomberg


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