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How to Enable USB Debugging in Samsung Gear 2



The Gear 2 smart watch from Samsung could be just a watch with some extra functionality for many, but there is always a group which tries to a lot from their own side and take the functionality to the next level. The USB debugging mode is something which would help in getting things done in a different way, and many might have heard this for the Android smartphones, where the USB debugging is something which helps in interactions between the device and the computer.

Samsung Gear 2 USB Debugging 5

To enable the USB debugging in the Galaxy Gear (first edition smartwatch), it was quite a task because you had to enable it by tapping the serial number multiple times and many found that hard because the tapping would give no final result. But in the Gear 2 smartwatch, there is a direct option for doing that.

To enable USB debugging in your Samsung Gear 2, you need to do the following:

Go to Settings by swiping to the right from the home screen

Samsung Gear 2 USB Debugging

Scroll to the last option named “Gear info”

Samsung Gear 2 USB Debugging

Here, you would see the two lines – About Gear and USB Debugging.

Samsung Gear 2 USB Debugging

Tap on USB Debugging and you would be seeing a warning, which reads: Enabling USB debugging will allow you to copy files between your PC and your Gear, install applications on your Gear without receiving notifications, and read log data. Malicious applications may use this to access your user information. This is intended for development purposes only.

Samsung Gear 2 USB Debugging 4

Tap “OK” and the USB debugging would be enabled.

A pretty simple guide but an important one for those who are new in the developmental stuff, or are trying out something suggested for a file transfer between the computer and the Gear 2.

The Gear 2 runs the Tizen OS and not the previously used one from Samsung in the Galaxy Gear, and the Tizen OS is not based on Android, thus the options are quite different and new for even a previous Gear user. Read the Gear 2 section for more tips and tricks.

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