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ELF Emmit – A Brain hacking Wearable to Synchronize your Mind & Body



Wearable tech has gotten better over the past few years. We have moved on from a time, where it is not just about smart watches anymore. Head mounted displays in the form of VR Headsets, AR headsets and what not. And this is just the beginning and we will definitely see more and more advancements over the course of time. You can check out review of Muse headband, which also senses your brain. This new gadget is something similar.

ELF Emmit is a wearable for the optimized self. As weird as it may sound, it can do a lot more than you can possibly imagine. It is more like a brain hacking gadget that you might have seen in some sci-fi movies. So essentially, ELF Emmit is a wearable device that emits pulses from 2 Hz up to 19 Hz to change frequencies & rhythms of your mind. It comes with an application for your smartphones some pre-loaded programs that can help you do certain things easily.

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It has programs for Sleep, Meditation, Concentration, Deep Learning, and Anti-Stress. The company claims that with this gadget, they have successfully managed to obtain the ability to transit these frequencies, that results in better stress management, focusing & getting a good night sleep. So according to users who have used it, this gadget is simple and efficient and has easy to use controls. It is as simple as selecting the right program that you want and connect the gadget to your smartphone and wear it.

It has an electro-magnetic coil and it emits extra-low frequency electromagnetic pulses to push your brain towards the desired state. And depending on which one you choose, your program should last somewhere from 30 minutes to 120 minutes. It is reported that it might take some time to get used to it and then once adjusted to the way it works, you will be just fine using it on a daily basis. The ELF Emmit is compatible with both iOS and Android. You can back the project on Indiegogo and get it for as low as $99 when it comes out.


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