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Duet Bluetooth Tag with Protag App keeps track of your Phone




Are you a person who often forgets stuff all kinds of it, not just your Smartphone or your glasses but your keys, wallet, purse, etc. then this gadget – Duet and the PROTAG App are tailors made for you and I must say for me too. It is a product that will look out for my stuff all the time.

Duet and PROTAG App are both built based on Bluetooth 4.0 which carries the Low Energy tag meaning you can always keep it turned ON, and not much power will be drained from your Smartphone. Duet is a small Square tag which acts as a tracker for your phone.

How does Duet help in tracking your Lost Phone?

If you have left your phone someplace and can not find it, all you need to do is take the DUET and press the button that will make your phone ring even if it is in Silent mode. It was you could track your phone even if you have dropped it under the sofa out of your visual reach and it is in silent mode that makes it impossible to call and find out.

With DUET, you can also set your DUET tag to alert you when you are going away from your Smartphone say 10 meters or more. When you are leaving your phone and going the DUET tag starts to alert you when you have crossed the set perimeter.

How does DUET help track your tagged items like Keys, Bag, Purse, etc.?

Duet Tag

The DUET works in the exact opposite way it does to track your Smartphone. You need to keep the DUET tag on the items you want to tag like your Wallet, Bag, etc. and sync the DUET tag with your PROTAG app. So when you have misplaced or lost the particular tagged item you can just go into the PROTAG app and search for the item, and as you are nearing the item, the signals strength starts increasing, something like in a James Bond movie.

Other Features

Connectivity: DUET lets you connect to your Smartphone through Bluetooth 4.0 which is a very power efficient way of being connected to the device. In WiFi safe zones, your duet will notify you.

Design: It is a very neat and simple design with a slightly Rounded Square which comes in 5 colours – Orange, Blue, Yellow, Green and White. It has a very minimalist design with a single color all through and a hole for the speaker below the name, and a single button on the left side of the device that will make your phone ring when lost. The right side top has a slot for tying a tag. Duet measures just 2.8 cm x 2.8 cm which makes it easy to attach to all items like keys, wallets, etc.

Battery life: The DUET has a changeable battery which gives you six months of battery life making it reusable and a very handy gadget when you are constantly on the move.

Airplane mode: If you have set your phone in Airplane mode, i.e. turned off all connectivity except the Bluetooth 4.0 your phone will ring even when you have placed it in Silent and Airplane Mode when you press the button on DUET.

As said earlier if you have put the DUET on your Bag, Keys, Wallet etc the PROTAG app constantly keeps a track on all the tagged items using Bluetooth and you can even check the last known location of your valuable item on the Map using GPS tracking, which makes it even more dependable and trustworthy.

How PROTAG works

Duet Protag App

In the Protag app when you are checking on an item, for example, your Keys, you can find the item on the map and by clicking on it you can get a pop-up window with options Edit, Radar, Buzz, Delete. So if you want to track the keys you need to click on BUZZ and your DUET tag on the keys will start to beep or buzz.

You can add and view ten different DUET tags at the same time on the map that makes it very useful to keep a track on your items all the time.
Apart from the App there is another feature called the Radar that is useful in tracking items that are nearer to you i.e. 30 meters or less. Within this range, you can turn on the Radar, and when you are getting near to the item, the Wifi signal type signal gets stronger and helps you trace out the location of the item under your couch or table or in your bathroom.

Which Smartphones do DUET and PROTAG work with?

DUET and PROTAG work with all Apple devices which run on iOS7 and later and also with Android device running on Android 4.3 and later. People with Blackberrys and Windows phones, unfortunately, cannot use this device as it is not yet compatible with these OS.


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