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Download ASAP Launcher on your Phone for a Clean, Faster & decluttered Experience



We have seen a variety of third party launchers from various developers previously, and many of them are in fact way better than many OEM skins as well as offer better customization options that a stock Android lacks. Of course, stock Android offers smooth and clutter-free experience, but it is always good to have some added features like the ability to have a number of icons on the home screen since the resolution of the displays are getting better and better.

One such third-party launcher is Nova, which has been there on the market for years now and is mostly preferred by many users as an alternative to the stock Android or their OEM skins. Nova launcher offers way better functionality and customization option even with their free to download version, and if you want to go crazy, then you can go for the paid version as well.

Since then, the search for the next best launcher on the same lines started and now we have something new in the market called the ASAP launcher which could be worth a try. Although it is still in early stages of development, it has an excellent concept and design to it. It is more or less all about the speed and access to the app drawer and the apps in general which you use often. This works very differently from the Nova launcher or the Apex launcher etc. For starters, one of the biggest features in Android, the widgets is not available in this launcher. So if you can’t think about a smartphone without them, then this launcher is not for you.

Ease of access is the key here in this launcher, and it has some useful features to help you access the smartphone efficiently. Firstly it has something called as “App Dock” with intelligent learning capabilities. It has like having an app drawer but instead of having the entire list of apps, this dock will show you only the one’s which you frequently use or used recently. You may also have the whole app drawer. Also instead of widgets or multiple home-screens, you have “Cards”, which you can access by either swiping left or right or up and down from around the middle and top of the screen.

Upon doing this, you’ll reveal cards for things like the calendar, weather information and forecasts, a todo list, and contacts. Swiping up from towards the top of the screen reveals the clock in a sort of widget form, and swiping down brings back the Google search bar that is always present. Swiping inward from the right edge, reveals a quick settings bar with toggles for Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and more. If you are looking for something different then, Microsoft also launched a launcher, which is worth checking out.

[appbox googleplay : com.citc.asap&hl=en]

This sort of unique approach to a launcher is what many users wanted, and it does all this with a sleek material design, so if you are all about that design, then this launcher will not disappoint you. The launcher also supports light and dark themes, icon pack support and much more. It is indeed different from the other third-party launchers, but it is distinct in a right way, and we can expect this app to evolve over time if the developer decides to keep upgrading the app with timely rollouts of updates. ASAP Launcher is free to install, and it does seem to offer in-app purchases which more than likely do little more than expanding its feature set.


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