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CREO Mark 1 to Feature 21MP Camera with Slo-Mo Feature based on Video



After releasing the first teaser of their first ever smartphone Mark 1 two weeks ago, CREO, the Bangalore-based smartphone brand posted yet another teaser about its revolutionary smartphone. This time, the company is touting the camera capability of its handset. From the video posted on their YouTube channel, it can be almost confirmed that the device will be sporting a 21-megapixel image sensor.

Talking about the details of the video posted, it was shot by the CREO Mark 1 during the Holi celebrations at company’s headquarters in Karnataka state. Choosing a right time to shoot a slow motion video, it was captured by one of the team members. The video posted can be seen in the 720p resolution at 60fps or 1080p resolution at 60fps. It confirms that the device would be coming with a camera module that supports slow-motion video recording.

The chances are that the rear image sensor on the Mark 1 would be a Sony Sensor, Exmor IMX230 to be precise. Why do we think so? Well, first of all, the specification of the device was listed at GFXBench, where it was mentioned that the device would be sporting a 21MP camera module as its main camera. Now if the last year’s devices like Honor 7, Moto X Play, Moto X Style and LeEco Le Max are any indication, then the most popular image sensor with 21MP resolution was the Sony’s image sensor mentioned above. Moreover, the devices we mentioned above are priced in 20K to 30K ranges, and it has been suggested that the CREO smartphone would be priced around 20K.

We are excited about the device as many other Indians too, since the concept that company is bringing is quite new, “A New Phone Every Month”. What it means by that is that they would be offering monthly updates to the Android-based OS, it would be providing a feel of stock UI with an interesting set of features to improve productivity. Though the version is unknown, whether it would come with Marshmallow or Lollipop love. We also suggest that its camera would offer a 4K video recording as the Sony module support the 4K resolution video recording.

What are your thoughts on this feature on the Mark 1 Smartphone? Would you be interested in such handset? Shoot your answers in the comments section below.


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