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CREO honestly Announces Mark 1 Smartphones Spare Parts Prices



CREO Mark 1 - Capcitive Buttons

When was the last time you had known about the spare part prices of the Phone you are holding right now? We bet never, because no brands share these details and keep it private that you can only know when your device gets an issue & you visit the call center.

For the first time in the Industry we have seen a Smartphone Brand revealing these details. Here’s what the brand says about the same. Do make a note that there’s an additional charge of Rs 300 every time you wish to get something fixed but thats fine, till you are already told about all these prices and you can easily take the call.

Along with the efforts towards maintaining transparency, the company also announced two attractive complimentary covers for every new user buying the phone on the official website. The flagship phone has been on sale on its own website and Flipkart since 19th April. After buying the phone, users would be able to leverage customer support through the company’s 106 registered service centers slated to increase to 300 in the near future. Item MRP (Excl. Tax)
1.        Motherboard INR 14,300
2.        Light and Distance Sensor (Small Plates) INR 300
3.        Display Panel (LCD and Sensors) INR 6,000
4.        Front Camera INR 7,00
5.        Back Camera INR 2,500
6.        Ear Piece INR 200
7.        Speaker Box (Includes GSM Antenna) INR 525
8.        Vibration Monitor INR 200
9.        Battery INR 800
10.    Back Glass Panel INR 650
11.    Back Panel Internal Parts INR 650
12.    Charger INR 650
13.    Cable INR 225
14.    Side Button Assembly (Power and Volume Buttons) INR 370
15.    Sim Tray (1 Pc.) INR 180

The labor cost for repair will be INR 300 along with the per item cost.

Editors Note: The last time we did a drop test of a Phone, we ended up with damaging the Digitizer & were told that it costed approximately around 55% of the total price of the phone itself. If a customer already knows the costs of the parts of the phone they own they would not be worrying about the same and would take the correct decision.


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