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Create Professional Looking Studio Picture with Product Camera App



While shopping online many of us tend to click on the products with good looking images and many of the online retailers try hard to shoot and edit to make them look better when compared their competitors. If you are one of the online retailer spending time and money to make the products look better on the website, here is the solution that makes the whole process complete under one minute.

The Product Camera app can capture the image by focusing on the main object and removes the background. As of now the app is available for Android users and the developers are working on iOS version that will be released in early 2016. These are the developers that have launched the popular photography app Camera51.

While launching the app, Shir Baor, CEO of Camera51, said, “For online shoppers, visual appearance is key, but the majority of e-commerce sellers lack the know-how required to produce professional looking photos for their online goods. Better quality images improve conversion rates and help sell products faster for a higher price. Product Camera is quick, easy, and fully automatic; no photography knowledge is needed. Just place your product against a plain background, point and shoot for a professional and beautiful result.”

Capturing the images with this app is just a few steps process, all you need to have is a solid background with good lighting conditions. As we tested the app, we recommend using a dark background for light color objects and vice versa. The captured images came out surprisingly good but took some time for adjusting background.

You can get the live preview of the products with a white background and a good little shadow effect. The images don’t look 100% same as the photos captured in the professional studios but give you much better results than normal images. There are couple of settings for selecting the background and object for getting images without any glitches

Everyone can try out the app for free on PlayStore, and the developers are offering 10 free exports of the images captured and thereafter you can get more exports by viewing ads and joining the promotional activities. In case if you are sick of trying out the promotional activities, you can purchase the picture credits ranging from Rs. 67 for 5 exports to Rs. 663 for 100 exports.

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