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Com 1 Watch with Android Wear Price Affordably at $125 – Details



Com1 Smartwatch

Right from the start of this year, when Android Wear operating system was announced by Google , the smartwatches space got really excited as the Mountain View company entered into the wearables. But since then, there has been no small-time smartwatch maker that introduced the Android Wear powered watch. As it has been only couple of months since the first Android Wear smartwatch (LG G Watch) came out, therefore, you might say it would have been a bit of a hurry. Now that with the recently announced set of new smartwatches showcased at the IFA Expo in berlin last week, the timing of this non-major manufacturer couldn’t have been better.

Company is called Com 1, they have recently posted a campaign on Indiegogo and is currently looking for funding due to their status, as they are asking interested people to make pledge and help them get the resources to get started for the production of their first Android Wear smartwatch.

Com1 Smartwatch

This new wearable tech would be as affordable as it gets, as the company has set a pledge of $125 (early bird), for this price you will get a powerful, good looking, and a well-built smartwatch. The Com 1 Android Wear smartwatch uses the LPDDR1 variant of the RAM, which is the original low power DDR RAM, as it reduces the overall power consumptions, this technology has been used in the devices like Apple iPad, Samsung Galaxy Tab and Motorola Droid X. And due to its usage of 3Gb (Gigabit, not Gigabytes) LPDDR1 RAM which is actually a 375MB of RAM, the watch is said to consume less power.

The Com 1 will be powered by a 1GHz XBurst based Ingenic JZ4775 processor and sport a 1.6-inch (240 x 240 pixels resolution) LED backlight. Other notable features include a 32GB of internal storage, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.0, FM, NFC and a promising 400mAh battery, which company claims will give 2 days of battery life. It also touts the IP67 rating as it will have a high degree of resistance to dust and water. Com1 will also boast a couple of sensors like gyroscope, accelerometer, magnetometer, pressure, humidity and temperature. And most probably it will be charged via USB charger. On the software front, the UI and features will be the same as any other Android wear device, you will be able to use voice controls and access notifications on the go.

Company has also given freedom to swap out the straps with any 20mm watch strap, Black Strap will be standard while three other types of straps are available –White, Brown, Stainless Steel – for $5, $10 and $20 extra pledges.

This product is looking like a great option, though, only downside is that the product will be shipped sometime in December, that’s a long wait for a crowd funded project, assuming that it succeeds in its goal of achieving $75,000 funding in time. We know it is hard to trust the small-time firms, since the brands like Pressy, Coin, or Kreyos have delayed there shipments, even after successful campaigns. Let’s see, what happens with this first non-major manufacturer Android Wear watch.

Source : Indiegogo 


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