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Chrome 52 for Android now loads Videos Faster & Consumes Less Battery



Google has been constantly pushing updates to it’s mobile web browser which is Chrome. The browser has evolved over time and now it is being used millions of users across the globe. On the same lines, Google is now introducing a new version of Chrome for Android this week which includes some important changes. This update majorly has to do with the way video content loads in the mobile browser.

The company has tweaked the web browser version 52 to majorly improve playback speed and power efficiency. According to the reports, now the videos should be loading quicker, instead of pausing to load initially. Google says that the web video is a huge thing now, with over a billion hours played in Chrome every week on sites like Amazon, Facebook, The New York Times, Netflix and YouTube. It is also noted that, most of it is on mobile devices and they are trying to make your mobile experience better.

Google claims that the battery will now last longer, also the HTML5 video now works with the Chrome’s data saver Mode to save more battery. It can now save up to 50 percent data, when you are saving a lightweight version of the video. So basically, you will see smoother playback and faster load times. Also videos will now start playing sooner, instead of pausing briefly before loading, and your battery will last longer. Chrome for Android 52 should be rolling out this week. Opera also has been doing good with their updates. They recently launched a new feature where you could simply download any videos for offline viewing.

It is also reported that Google will be rolling out similar changes to their desktop version also. Many of the developers have reported issues regarding the Chrome browser. Google stated that they have made a 33 percent improvement in video playback CPU/GPU power consumption on Windows 10. A spokesperson also stated that by Chrome 53, they will be on par with other web browsers as well. Also the chrome 53 is scheduled for release early next month. Stay tuned for more updates.


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