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Chinese Man Bites iPhone Battery & Causes Explosion in Electronics Store



iPhone Battery Explosion Chinese Man

From the past couple of years, we are increasingly seeing the battery related issues on the smartphones. In 2016, we have seen the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 battery explosions. Coming to the end of 2017, Apple faced several lawsuits for intentionally slowing down the older iPhones. Now in 2018, a new battery explosion has been reported in China. According to the report, a Chinese man has bitten the replacement battery of his iPhone which later exploded within the Apple store.

However, the battery is exploded just after the unknown person taken the ruptured battery away from his face. From the CCTV video, we can see a small explosion and huge flash followed by smoke spreading all around the place. We can also see the customer closely examining the battery before biting it. Though it is closer to few other customers, there are no casualties reported from this incident.

It is mentioned that the man has bitten the battery to test the authenticity of it. We normally see people biting the gold to test its authenticity. We have no information whether the battery in question is the original replacement battery or not. From the video, we can see many other electronic devices inside the store along with servicing. Apple has recently decreased the cost of a replacement battery from $79 to $29 for all iPhones beginning from iPhone 6.

This discounted price will last until the end of this year and it is also applicable in China. While this event took place on January 19th, the above video extracted from Miaopai was published on January 20th.



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