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How to check Heart Rate (using Heart Rate Sensor) in Samsung Gear Fit



Samsung Gear Fit Heart Rate Sensor 1

Galaxy Gear Fit comes with a built in Heart rate monitor to keep a track on your heart rate when you are at rest or when you are in a workout or on a jog or anywhere you are. This device does not require any Chest Straps like many other fitness trackers to check your heart rate, but just by wearing the Wrist worn Gear Fit you can keep a track on your Heart Rate. The Heart Rate sensor is present on the back side of the device which will be in contact with your skin all the time you wear the device. There will be a protective plastic covering when you get a new device which should be removed before you start recording.

Precautions to be taken before recording your Heart Rate

  • Heart Rate measurement will be accurate when you are seated and relaxed
  • Any movements during the recording of heart rate will result in inaccurate measurements
  • Do not talk yawn or breathing heavily and cough or sneezing will alter the measurements
  • Heart Rate measurements taken in low temperatures can be inaccurate, so you have to warm up your body a bit to get the correct measurements.
  • If you are getting very inaccurate measurements, then you need to rest for 30 minutes before measuring it again.
  • Smoking and Alcohol consumption just before recording will give you inaccurate results.
  • You should take at least five measurements and take an average of those to get an accurate value.
  • The Sensor at the back will emit a bright light which should not be looked at directly as it may harm your vision so keep it out of range of children.
  • If the measurements are not being recorded then, you have clean the sensor and place the Gear Fit firmly against your wrist or move the device slightly left or right to align it correctly against your wrist.

These tips should be kept in mind before you start recording your Heart rate. Now, to measure the heart rate, follow the tips below.

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Scroll to the Right or Left side on the Gear Fit Home Screen. Click on the Heart Rate icon, which was located on the same screen where Pedometer and Exercise are seen.

Samsung Gear Fit Heart Rate 1

It will open the app where you will find the Start button and the “Heart Rate – How to measure” button and “Back” buttons.
Click on the Start button the left side if you wish to start measuring your heart rate and make sure that you are following the tips that are mentioned above like no movement, etc.

Samsung Gear Fit Heart Rate 2

Once you press on Start, you would see the message reading: Position Gear Fit on the top or underside of the wrist.

Samsung Gear Fit Heart Rate 3

Once you ensure you have done that, and it’s not touching the bone directly, press the Tick option to start the heart rate count. It would then show Measuring, and you would see messages such as Stay still, do not talk, etc.

Samsung Gear Fit Heart Rate 4

Once the measuring of the heart rate is done, you would see the heart rate on the screen. It is shown in beats per minute (bpm), along with the time and date, and this would then get saved.

Samsung Gear Fit Heart Rate 5

The measurement will be recorded automatically by the device as the icon blinks and after completion your Heart Rate will be displayed on the Screen with the Date below it. Repeat this process for five times and take the average to get a precise measurement.

If the Gear Fit can not measure the Heart rate, you will see the message: Try again, Clean the sensor, and then attach the Gear Fit snugly to top or underside of the wrist, not against the bone. Be still and quiet.

If you want to view the previous measurements, you need to scroll Left on the Heart Rate monitor screen, and then click on the history option to see the previously measured readings with the date below it for reference. Your Galaxy gear Fit will be able to store 30 recordings and as the number increases the previous recording will be deleted to make the place for new recordings.

Samsung Gear Fit Heart Rate 6

You can even view your stored previous Heart Rate measurements on your Samsung Smartphone using the S Health Application.
I must say that the Heart Rate monitor is not so accurate as compared to some other monitors with the Chest Strap feature, so if you get very high, or low heart rates do not panic and check again.

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