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How To Check an used Apple iPhone Warranty before You Buy



Check Activation Status of iPhone

Buying a used iPhone can save you quite a lot bucks, (yes it’s a good option to buy phones if you’re low on money) but you would have to be careful, as buying second-hand comes with its own issues. There are few things you need to make sure of before buying that used iPhone.

First thing is that you should verify the serial number of the device on Apple’s website. This will allow you to show if the phone is covered by a warranty, or else if it is eligible to be covered under Applecare service. To find out the serial number of an iPhone, you would have to tap Settings, then General, then go to About section, there you will see the serial number of the hardware, as well as IMEI number which you may need for second thing. With that serial number you can check here what services and support coverage is currently available for the device.

Second thing is that you should also verify that whether that iPhone you are buying is not stolen. To do that, you simply need to access the iCloud service. If the iCloud service is still activated in the cell, you should ask that person to unlock it, he/she will unlock the device if they knows the password, you will know right then, if you can trust the buyer for if it’s his personal cell or not. Though, probably it may be a case of stolen device.

Service and Support for Apple Product

Of course, this all can be done only if you are meeting the buyer in person. And if you are conducting the transaction online, you can check here whether the device is connected with previous owner’s iCloud lock. All you were going to need is the IMEI or the serial number of the device.

Before you make the final decision, make sure make sure you’re not getting screwed for the pricing. For reference, you can check out the pricing for the second-hand models of iPhone on Swappa, which is also a good online resource to buy the second-hand devices.


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