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Changhong H2 Smartphone announced with SCiO Molecular Sensor, identifies material’s Molecular content



The recently concluded CES showcased plenty of gadgets, at this stage Consumer Physics SCiO took the occasion to showcase its first smartphone with an integrated SCiO sensor. Consumer Physic’s made a handheld SCiO scanner a couple of years ago which can identify materials by scanning them. It anatomizes the materials chemical composition and molecular content, and now this has been embedded into a smartphone, and the company has announced the same.

Dubbed as Changhong H2, the smartphone comes with a 6-inch 1080p display while there is an octa-core processor inside with a clocking speed 2.0GHz coupled with 4GB of RAM. The onboard storage is 64GB but not is mentioned about the expandable storage options. There is a 3000mAh battery on the back to power this 6-inch device, and importantly the SCiO sensor is also included which placed on the rear side. This is a Chinese Model which is scheduled to go on sale in June for a price of 2999 RMB (around $435 US dollars).

Prior to this Consumer Physics partnered with Analog Devices to increase the accuracy of the sensor and also to reduce the size of it to make it easier to carry along. The Scio sensor uses near-infrared spectroscopy to identify the molecular content of the material. Using the spectrometer, the object is illuminated with a broadband light source. The optical sensor is used to break the reflected light into its constituent components. Later the reflected light’s wavelengths are compared to the original emission which creates a spectral fingerprint using the SCiO’s signal processing algorithms.

This process works since the molecules will only be absorbing photons of a stipulated high energy and this leads to attenuation of certain wavelengths of the reflected light making it easier to identify the material. The sensor on the Changhong H2 smartphone will allow its users to measure the quality of the food and also the taste of it virtually before actually having it. In the video, it clearly shows how the device is capable of measuring the sweetness or how ripe the vegetables and fruits are.

It can also scan and identify certain brewages and can also tell if the medicine you are using is real of fake or for what purpose it can be used. Moreover, it can also measure the body fat (BMI) and analyze the nutritional value of the food that you are going to have. This whole process takes few seconds of time, and the results area displayed immediately. The sensor that is placed beside the camera should be bought within 0.5-2.0 centimeter distance, and then the application sends the spectral fingerprint to cloud where all other date is stored, and the comparison is done.

We might see Consumer Physics to partner with more smartphone makers to bring their technology to other parts of the world. If this happens, we wouldn’t be worrying about the quality of the food while choosing it from the grocery shop or even have an eye on the calorie count in the food you intake. For more details on the same stay tuned to PhoneRadar and comment in the section below if you have more queries on the same.


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