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Carbon – A SmartWatch which charges your Smartphone



We have seen many Smart watches coming in to the market these days with many new features, like the heart rate sensors, Motion sensors and much more, but have you seen a wearable that will change your smart phone? I guess the answer is NO! This Carbon Smartwatch gives you this option of charging your Smart phone making it the first ever wearable device to do this.

Carbon Smartwatch

Carbon charges your smart phone and it will be coming with Solar cells that use the solar energy to charge up. The design of this carbon smart watch is similar to any analog watch that is in the market and will be using the high tech solar cells that uses indoor and outdoor solar energy that can charge the smart phone. This device has a 650 – 800 mAh battery inside it that can give an additional 3 hours backup to your Smart phone.

In the image, you can see a central button towards the right side of Carbon, this can be unscrewed and you can find a mini charging cable for connecting to the Smart phones for charging and the same thing is used to charge the Carbon Smart watch also with an USB. There is also a button on the same side by which you can turn on or turn off the charging and also the flash light. The same button is used to view the Battery charge level and to turn on or off the Safety Strobe. On the top of the Charging Connector there is Multi color LED that indicates the battery charge level and also the charging status of the device. Carbon has a 34mm watch strap and gives you an analog time display.

Carbon Smartwatch parts

Carbon has an energy output of 1 Amp and 5 Volts that can be used to power many devices, like a range of smart phones, cameras, smart watches etc that can be charges by using USB. The device comes with a mini cable that will fit many mobile devices and includes a Micro USB Cable, Male UB recharging Cable, Female USB charging cable, Apple 9 Pin Lightning Connector and Apple 30 Pin Connector, all these connectors are approximately 5 inch long and the device is compatible with Android, Windows Phone, iPhone and Blackberry devices. Another notable feature of this device is that, it is IP67 rated for Dust and Water proofing.

The approximate USB input charge time is 30 minutes and Solar Charge time is approximately 8 hours in full sun light. The LED Battery shows colors indicating the battery levels, if its Green then the device is 100% – 66 % changed and if it is 66% – 33 % it will be showing a yellow light. However if the charge is less than 33% then it will be showing a Red color.

Carbon Smartwatch uses an advanced energy harvesting technology including a DC to DC boost converter and maximum power point tracking. Both influence charge time along with battery over/under charging thresholds preventing battery damage.

Carbon can be pre-ordered from Kickstarter with a minimum of $1 pledge and will and they will be updating you by 1st and 15th of every month. The device is estimated to be delivered by September 2014 and is priced at a minimum of $95 for one unit that will come with watch face colors (White / Blue or Orange / White), One Carbon charger, black silicone and leather watch straps and charging connectors and other accessories depending on the price.

Note – Carbon will be costing $15 more if has to be shipped outside US.


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