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Brise Air Purifier with Artificial Intelligence adjusts & Cleans Air with Sensors, Data Collaboration



Most of you people reading this might already be using an Air Purifier. While the Air Purifiers available in the market right now are really good at what they are doing, they still aren’t intelligent. Yes, they all pack some really good features which are good enough for most of the cleaning, but what if you get a smart air purifier which is capable of doing all the work by itself without you having to set it up every time. Well, BRISE Air Purifier which comes with Artificial Intelligence is capable of doing something similar. The company is calling it the intelligent home guardian.

According to Gizmo Report, this BRISE Air Purifier learns about you and provides personalized clean air environment according to your everyday activities. Do make a note that this Air Purifier is suitable for both home and work environment. It packs a ton of features that you might not get with some of the other offerings available on the market. Some of the features worth noting are the smoke purification, Dust purification, smell and chemicals purification, Fan noise control, Air quality meter, etc. It also comes with temp and humidity meters, child safety lock and what not. These are some of the features which most of the variants miss out in the market.

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You can load your preference and room conditions and it will clean the air in your room in any circumstance using the advanced built-in sensors and computing algorithm. The BRISE App can collect information about your room type, room size and along with the personal preference, it will provide you the best air quality possible at all times. It has an exclusive 6-layer air cleaning system can filter particles of all sizes and keep you secure all the times. It also has an advanced and efficient DC motor, which delivers over 65 liters of clean air per second.

And talking about the sensors, BRISE has four advanced built-in sensors to detect dust, VOCs, temperature, and humidity. It’s A.I. system can connect to the internet via WiFi and reference external outdoor data to provide a comprehensive air quality analysis. And all the info which it collects is presented with the BRISE app in the palm of your hands. Not just these, this air purifier packs a ton of other features as well. So if you want to know more about this device in detail, do make sure to check the source links as well. This device is estimated to ship in Aril 2017. Stay tuned for more info on this.


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