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Biker in Australia suffers third-degree burns after his Apple iPhone 6 Explodes



Over the past few days, we saw a bunch of smartphone explosion cases. To our surprise, the two devices which exploded recently were from Xiaomi. So people started speculating around the quality issues of the Xiaomi smartphones. But now we have yet another case where a smartphone exploded again. But this time unlike the last two cases, it is not a Xiaomi smartphone. This time, it is an iPhone. Yes, an iPhone 6 exploded causing third-degree burns to the owner.

A 36-year-old bike rider from Sydney is currently admitted to the hospital after his iPhone 6 exploded following a minor bike fall. Gareth Clear, an amateur bike rider, was riding along the streets of Sydney, suddenly fell. According to him, it was just a ‘tiny fall’, and it caused him only a few scratches. However, the iPhone 6 in back right pocket suffered a battery failure, and it started melting through his pocket and also through his skin.

The iPhone was stuck to his skin and burnt his fingers also when he tried to take off the phone. He then punched the phone off his skins and is currently recovering from third-degree burns for which he underwent a skin graft operation. So the only thing to investigate here is, although the fall was minor, it was still more than enough to cause the iPhone 6 to explode. But it is to be noted that, all these types of batteries are very sensitive to impact, heat and electrical short circuits.

As mentioned above, previously we saw tow other cases of smartphone explosion. Both the unfortunate circumstances happened with Xiaomi smartphones first one being the Mi4i and the other one being the Mi 5. However, in any of these cases, the manufacturers can’t be blamed for, since these type of accidents happens once in a while only due to unavoidable reasons. Following this incident, Clear is trying to spread awareness regarding this issue and has reached out to Apple for further assistance on this. The company is yet to respond to this, and we will update once we have something. Stay tuned for more info.


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