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Best New iOS Apps & Games to Download in April 2017



From the hundreds of new apps and games that are listed on App Store every day, only few will manage to grab attention. Here we handpicked five of the best apps and games that are recently listed on App Store. Though we try to include the free apps, there will be some premium apps that brings some amazing features. Hence, we have added one app which we think will surely improve your productivity. Below are five apps and games for your iPhones and iPads that are worth trying out, tap on the green button to install the respective app/game on your device.

Best New Android Apps & Games to Download in April 2017

Power Rangers: Legacy Wars – Free

The Power Rangers: Legacy Wars game on App Store is available for free and is based on the movie’s storyline. It comes with real-time multiplayer battles and features very good graphics. The player can collect the Power Rangers and customize the teams. There are 40+ characters in the game which comes from the old Rangers series to the latest Power Rangers movie. It also has social features like following other players in the game. The game also comes with chat option to get in touch other players.

Download Now: Power Rangers Legacy Wars

Uptime – Free

As the tagline ‘Watch videos together’ of the Uptime app suggests, the users can watch youtube videos with their friends. All the friends in the froup can interact and chat with each other. Though the user can manually pick the video, the app also suggests daily recommendations of the popular videos. With the latest updates, the user can send his profile link to his friend or he can even search his friends using their username. The app is developed as an experimental project within Google by Area 120 team.

Download Now: Uptime

PABLO – Free

PABLO is a photography app which is available for free on App Store. The users can signup with an email to join the community, and can capture light painting videos using this app. However, there is also a premium version called PABLO Pro priced at $2.99 / Rs. 250 which doesn’t require any sign ups. The Pro version supports higher frame rate and records in much better resolution. There are many professional looking features available, and the developers mentioned to bring even more features in the coming days.

Download Now: PABLO

Crash of Cars – Free

The racing games genre is always popular on smartphones, and now, we got a new game called Crash of Cars from the developer Not Doppler. It was recently made available for all the supported iPhones and iPads globally. This is the perfect game to play with your friends as it supports the real-time multiplayer feature. All the player needs to do is to destroy other players and steal their crowns to climb the leaderboards. It includes 4 different maps to play and 30+ cars under four different categories – common, epic, legendary, and rare. Though it is free to download, the game comes with in-app purchases

Download Now: Crash of Cars

Complete to do list – $4.99

Complete is a new to-do list app to join the tons of other to-do apps. It is a premium app priced at $4.99 and works on iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch. It integrates all the information from services like Amazon’s Alexa, Apple Reminders, Facebook, and phone Contacts to show on one screen. The app comes with interactive notifications, and the user can also manually set smart alerts for summary or weather alerts or birthdays information. Coming to the customization part, it supports different text sizes and reminder sounds.

Download Now: Complete

If you find any new apps or games that worth checking out, please let us know by commenting below or tweet us @PhoneRadarblog


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