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Top 5 – Best Cloud Storage Android Apps for Music, Photos & Videos Backup



Android Cloud Storage Apps

Cloud storage has become integral part of our mobile lives as people travel all day long for work, fun and other professional and personal stuff. With that comes a need of access to all your data, but considering you cannot carry all of you devices with you, the simplest solution to this issue is that you sign up for cloud storage services.

However, another problem or say confusion starts here as there are hundreds of free cloud storage services available on the market right now. Services like Dropbox, Google Drive, SkyDrive, Copy and Box all grapple to hold our imperative data on their servers. But which one is best for you? We review the best cloud storage services for Android devices to store all you media contents ranging from Music, Photos, and Videos to any files.


Dropbox for Android

Dropbox has been leading the cloud storage wars since quite a time now, and it is because of its flexibility, no matter what flavor of technology you are using. One of its USPs is that it also provides online storage solutions for Linux and Blackberry, alongside the usual Windows, Mac, Android and iOS platforms. Although, the official windows phone app is still not present. But we are talking about specifically about the Android app of the Dropbox. The pricing model is simple, users get 2GB of cloud storage free when they sign up for service. But the interesting thing to note is that, you can increase this storage by further participating in the Getting Starting tutorial where you will get 250MB. Turning on the automatic upload feature on your Android app for Dropbox will get you 3GB of storage (Not per device, you get only 3GB in total). While if you refer your friends and if they actually sign up via your referral link, then you will be awarded 500MB of storage, which has a limit of 16GB or 32 referrals. Also, you can bolster up your Dropbox storage if you link up the Facebook and Twitter accounts or setup Mailbox service on your Android device, then your account will gain 1GB of more storage.

Previously Pro plans started from $9.99 per month to $49.99 per month, giving you 100GB to 500GB of cloud storage space. But with a recent announcement, the Pro plans has changed as users will get 1TB of storage space for the same $9.99/month,which is in par with Google Drive 1TB plan.

The Android app of Dropbox boasts a great design implementation as well as fluid connectivity with the PC app. As we noted, the app also lets you directly upload photos or videos to your account when you take any photo or record a video.

Rating : Star Rating

Verdict : If you are looking for a seamless user experience of storing on cloud as well as the best mobile experience for your Android device, then you should go with the Dropbox app on Android.

Google Drive 

Google Drive for Android

This being Google’s service has best association as well as convenience to your Android device, due to its deep integration with the Android’s stock apps like Photos and Google+. If you have enabled the Photos app service on your Android device, you must have notice that all the pictures and videos taken by your device’s camera goes in to this application, which features a service that allows you to store all your data to the Google Photos aka Google Drive. During Google I/O keynote this year, the Mountain View Company reduced the pricing model of Google Drive cloud storage services.

It comes with a 15GB of free online storage, as the pricing varies from $1.99/month to $299.99/month for 100GB to 30TB of cloud storage space. The Android app for Google Drive comes pre-installed on your Android device, which allows you to edit your doc files via Google Docs and Google Sheets apps. The function that was previously present on the Google Drive app itself has now moved to Docs and Sheets apps for Android. Nonetheless, it is still one of the best apps that provides impressive cloud storage solutions.

Rating : Star Rating

Verdict : The app is a perfect blend of simplicity of Google and efficiency that Android provides. And it being a cheaper and more reliable service begs for good credits.

OneDrive (Previously known as SkyDrive) 

OneDrive for Android

Microsoft’s cloud service, OneDrive, is another premium cloud storage service that promises a better user experience than itscompetitors. The service allows its users to easily manage, and share the files on the go. Even though, it impresses you with its charming Windows 8 style interface and dead simple controls, the service lacks support of the most important feature of editing your files on the go. The pricing model is interesting, though, as OneDrive allows 15GB of free storage once you sign up for the service, and if you have enabled the camera roll back feature on your Android device, then you will be awarded extra 3GB of storage. You can further increase the storage space on your OneDrive account when you refer this service to your friend. Once your friend has signed up through your referral link, both of you will receive 500MB of cloud storage space that is limited up to 10 referrals or 5GB of storage space.

The plans start from as low as $1.99 per month and $3.99 per month, which will give you 100GB and 200GB of cloud storage space. The OneDrive app for Android is a sleek app that lists your files and folders and has options like Delete, Share, Download and Export. The share button allows receiver to see the file straight from you OneDrive account. While export option will let you send actual file via Gmail service, or you can rather attach that file to Facebook post, share it on twitter, or pin it on your board, and more.

Rating :

Verdict : If you are a Microsoft products fans, this is an ultimate tool to share your stored files with your friends. But you have to make a compromise as you will not be able to edit any document files on this app.


Copy for Android

This was initially designed for corporate IT companies with a purpose to carry out collaboration task on the cloud. This resourcefulness has been extended to the individuals since quite a time now. The best feature of this service is that how it handles the shared folders; you can split the space with the people you share a folder with, which is an interesting take by Barracuda Networks. The pricing model of this company is as par with Google Drive and OneDrive, as you get 15GB of storage free once you sign up for the service and you can get 250GB of cloud storage for a monthly payment of $10. Users can earn up to 5GB free storage, if someone else signed up via there referral link. The business plans is priced according to the number of users, there is a free plan for up to 5 users as paid plans starts at $79 per month that will give up to 10 users a 1TB of storage space.

The Copy for Android was launched last year, and it’s one of the unique features is that it lets you download entire folders to your Android device, which is a very helpful task. Though, with good design the app still lacks to show your recently uploaded files from your device at one place.

Rating :

Verdict : With competitive pricing and simplest design, the Copy for Android is the most affordable cloud service you will get on your Android device.


Box for Android

Box has been present in cloud storage industry for almost a decade now, company is known for providing seamless syncing of data from its servers to its mobile apps and Android app for Box does the same. With Box app for Android you can create, edit new or existing files as well as save them on your account and later share it with others. The pricing model of Box is very simple, as it varies according to the usage for personal, starter (shared workspace), business and enterprise. You get 10GB of free storage space with a maximum upload file size of 250MB. For 10$ per month, you will get 100GB of storage with 5GB of maximum upload file size.

The Box for Android comes with an excellent file syncing support and even has offline access to some of the files stored on your account. The app users can also read and comment on the photos and video as the app is very mobile-savvy. Though, it does lack in a native auto-upload feature for photos and videos taken by the camera of your Android device.

Rating :

Verdict : It’s a great app if file-syncing and storage service is important to you in a cloud storage service.

Disclaimer: We have tested all the above mentioned application and have written about our experience with them. Note that you may find some apps/services difference than what we noted above, as it will be based on your experience.


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