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Black Friday is here, and for 2014, it is on 28th November. On this page, you will find most of the best deals available on the Internet, from the best stores to check out and particularly if you are a fan of technology and gadgets.

Microsoft is one of those early players to already share some of the deals that are going to start from 27th November 12 AM ET. And the company hasn’t already given the prices, but given that this is one of those days when maximum discounts are available, we are sure some good deals would be seen for Windows and Windows Phone lovers. Oh, and not to forget, the Xbox consoles too would be available on discounts.

Want to check out all the deals on Amazon UK? Visit this link.

For those from the U.S., visit this link to check out all the Black Friday 2014 deals on

Best Buy, Amazon and Target would also be providing some great discounts for Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2014. Keep this page bookmarked and keep checking for more deals.

Best Deals on Smartphones

AmountProductQuantityEstimated Shipping Date
Pledge $25 or more
(Limited to 50)
TILT in your choice of colors or Add $30 USD per unit to make it a TILT Charge1January, 2016
Pledge $30 or more
(Limited to 100)
TILT in your choice of colors or Add $30 USD per unit to make it a TILT Charge1January, 2016
Pledge $35 or moreTILT in your choice of colors or Add $30 USD per unit to make it a TILT Charge1January, 2016
Pledge $60 or moreTILT's in your choice of colors or Add $30 USD per unit to make it a TILT Charge2January, 2016
Pledge $75 or moreTILT's in your choice of colors or Add $30 USD per unit to make it a TILT Charge3January, 2016
Pledge $100 or moreTILT's in your choice of colors or Add $30 USD per unit to make it a TILT Charge4January, 2016
Shipping Charges - $5 for the US and $30 for rest of the World

Best Deals on Tablets

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Best Deals on Accessories

Jawbone UP Move

Jawbone UP2

Jawbone UP3

Smart CoachYesYesYes
Steps TrackingYesYesYes
Calories BurnedYesYesYes
Sleep TrackingYesYesYes
Food LoggingYesYesYes
Duels, Challenge FriendsYesYesYes
Idle AlertNoYesYes
Smart AlarmNoYesYes
Heart HealthNoNoYes
Advanced Sleep DetailsNoNoYes

If you find some amazing deals that you would like to share, comment below.

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  • Whoah these are some absolutely gorgeous deals! Thank you so much for compiling them into one area for viewing ease my favorite deals are the sprint galaxy s3 off contract for 79$ and the two year contract galaxy s4 for just 1 cent and a free 100$ gift card from Wal-Mart! These are some impressive deals that are must jump on! Ive always wanted to buy on Black Friday but have never had the time or money, but it’s always nice to watch from the sidelines! Its unfortunate that theres only one t mobile deal here with the Alcatel One Touch Evolve 2! Thanks for the deals!

  • Shanky Yadav

    Good to see that amazon giving up best deals on their products hope it is also for india too but what is this black friday i am not getting it. Can anyone reply me?? These deals look to warm that an average person also be able to get one beast at low price .. Amazon is booming with their deals to their customers hope this will also come tomorrow for India too as tomorrow is friday.. I am so surprised by the price of lg g3 cutoff of 200$ for black friday..

  • Android

    This was the exact article i was looking for . Black Friday is one the most important days for the years to but an expensive item or electronic because prices will be very low then. The deals i see above are and this is like the flyers i need complied into one article. The deal i like the most is LG G3 deal with 9 dollars on a 2 years plan and the Samsung S5 for one dollar on a 2 year activation. This still may be very expensive but considering the price at launch this is much better!! Also the Samsung tab 4 10.1 is also an amazing deal and for 250 you are getting a pretty decent and great tablet from Samsung!!! Great article and great deals. I am wondering are these the deals from both UNited States only or Canada also?

    • Karshpreet Singh

      I think so check your stores

  • In terms of Amazon Canada, their are definitely Black Friday deals for it. These deals SHOULD be the same across Location based Amazons, but I don’t know if they will. If not ships internationally, though not all items are available for international shipping. And as for the other stores on the list, i’m really not sure

  • Black Friday is just the day after Thanksgiving in the US. It is also the start if shopping for the holiday season and on the first day there are huge deals all over!

  • Suraj Racharla

    actually not the prices here are different and not the best deals around compared to the US

    • Yeah prices cant really compare because its a US thing that comes with thanksgiving but the idea can be shared around the globe!

      • Suraj Racharla

        Yup maybe next year since everything is bought onlone these days the down plummetting prices may also apply to other countries!!

        • If online is what your looking for which takes the rush out of blackfriday shopping but adds ease of use then cyber Monday is also great!

          • Suraj Racharla

            But Black Friday still is like a tradition and many people would rather buy on that day

          • Yeah that’s basically the case right Noe because of tradition black Friday will never grow old but cyber Monday is actually growing in popularity the foundation is still small though

          • Suraj Racharla

            Yeah but Cyber Monday still hasnt picked up yet. In the years to come Black Friday will soon be all online!!

          • Ive never been able to partake in any of the holiday shopping festivities so it really doesn’t matter to me anyways. But I wuld like doing my shopping at the comfort of my own home!

          • Suraj Racharla

            yeah me too, if i was buying electronics or anything expensive i would go first check out the item days before and then order it online on Black Friday

          • yeah i would even place my pre order earlier because i don’t want to be one to camp overnight. People find it fun doing that, they feel a rush sitting on a chair out in the cold outside near a bum trying to climb a telephone pole.

          • Suraj Racharla

            Yup the type of people this days. It has been a tradion to do this types of things lol!!!

          • unfortunately another problem that comes with this tradition is health cautions tramplings abductions and the most recent Ferguson shooting protests

          • Suraj Racharla

            mmmhmm i heard. Ferguson is sad news. BUt you are only doing this lineup on 1 day of the year so it better to enjoy it then staying at home and saying its too dangerous

        • Maybe well have to see!

          • Suraj Racharla

            Yes time will tell

  • Suraj Racharla

    Black Friday is the day after Thanksgiving and the day bascilly is a day to buy products because of this day prices are very low and meet almost everyones budjet. Another great time to buy products is Boxing day but i think it a canadian thing. Black Friday is like Diwali for you and there are sales everywhere