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Best App for SMS Backup & Restore – Upload to Google Drive & Dropbox



sms backup and restore app backup folder

Whenever you switch to new phone or performing the factory reset on the existing phone, the only thing that bothers is, restoring the messages and call logs. In olden days, people used to move the contacts from phone memory (in the old phone) to SD card so that they can restore the same on the new phone. Then came into existence, the backups using the PC, where you can create and restore the backup files. As the technology is transforming now, one can do the backups using several apps in the smartphone.

More than half of the smart-phone users are now on the Android, and there are numerous apps available for them via play store. One such app which we considered as the best till now for backup and restore is SMS Backup & Restore app which is available for free in the Google Play Store. We have been using this app since few months and out of all the apps we have seen so far, we consider this to be simply best. We already have seen the Xender app which helps you to transfer the files, pictures, music, etc., wirelessly between devices. Now, we will see the detailed use and procedure on how to use this app. Have you bought new Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 or any other new Android device? Then, go through the below procedure and get backup on your old device and restore the same on your new device.

Introduction and Features

SMS Backup & Restore app was specially introduced for backing up all the SMS from your phone so that they can be restored safely and securely. In recent addition, the developers of the app also added an extra feature, i.e., call logs backup. Yes, now in addition to the SMS, the users of this app can also take the backup of your phone’s Call Logs.

Ever wonder, how the messages and call logs gets backed up for restoration? The backup files will be converted and saved in the XML format which you can restore easily. Another important feature is that you can schedule the time for backup so that the process will be done automatically on specified date and time.

Steps and Procedure to Create and Restore Backup

  • Download the SMS Backup & Restore app and open it on your device.
  • Now you can see the options like backup, restore, view and search as shown in the screenshot.
  • sms backup and restore app

  • Next tap on ‘Backup’, where you will be given the options to select a backup folder. Choose your destination folder and tap on ok.
  • Now you will get the options as shown in the screenshot where you can select the backup files. So, choose the options carefully and tap on ‘OK’.
  • Once the backup process is done, you can clear everything from the phone by tapping on ‘Clear Phone’. You can also delete the backups at anytime by tapping on ‘Delete backups’.
  • sms backup and restore app delete backup

  • You can now restore the backup simply by tapping on the ‘Restore option’ and by choosing the backups.
  • sms backup and restore app restore

  • You can get extra features by tapping on three dots on the upper right corner as shown in the screenshot below. By selecting preferences, you can access the additional features like scheduled backups, password protection and few more as shown below.
  • By choosing backup settings, you can upload the backup files to Google Drive, Dropbox and also by email.
  • So, use the above process for backup and restoring the SMS and call logs and be safe.


Advantages of SMS Backup & Restore App

  • The users of this app can have a lot of advantages, and the developers are still adding many features to provide much more benefits for the users.
  • The XML format of SMS and call logs backup can be easily transferred between the devices and it will work with all the versions of Android.
  • One of the best features is that users can manually select the SMS for backup and restore.
  • Even MMS can also be taken as a backup, and you have the option to search the backups anytime.
  • The format (XML) can also be converted into various other formats and so it can be viewed easily on other devices too.
  • The users can free the storage space by clearing the SMS and call logs from the phone with a simple touch.
  • You have the option to upload your backups to Google Drive and Dropbox. Also, you can send the backup file to your Email.
  • The Add-on SMS Backup & Restore will give access to automatically upload the backup file to Dropbox and Google
  • Drive and automatically send the backup file through email after the backup is done.

Add-On SMS Backup & Restore

In addition to the above app, the developers made another Add-on – SMS Backup & Restore app using which one can upload the backup files to Dropbox and Google Drive automatically. The thing to be considered here is, this add-on app cannot be visible in your app manager as a separate app because it extends its features in the existing app where you can see its functionality under ‘Backup Settings’.

  • The Google drive backup is seemed to be work only on specific devices as Google Play services are not available in all. You can write/report the issues with Google Drive to this app developer.
  • For Dropbox, this app uses its own folder by default and so it cannot have permission to access other folders.
  • When using Gmail as for sending backup email, you may ask for the username and password to get authenticated with the SMTP server.

Few precautions to be noted

In case you haven’t seen the messages after restoring on your Android 4.4 + devices, then simply open the app and uncheck the SMS from settings. Now, exit and app and reopen the app to enable the SMS from settings and everything works normally.

Make sure to take the backup of SMS and call logs and upload them to Google Drive/Dropbox/email in case you are performing the factory reset. Because, after performing the factory reset entire data from the device will get erased.
Choose the backup destination folder carefully, as in few new phones the path will set to internal storage by default.

So, what are you waiting for? Download the SMS Backup & Restore app now and enjoy the benefits of the app instantly. If you have any backup issues with this app, write us down in the comments section below, and we try to resolve the issue for you.


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