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Bengaluru Cops Accept Complaints on WhatsApp, Best Technology use for Citizens



With technology helping us in everyday interactions like letting us have conversations with a person seating across the country has made the world a better and small place to live in. You may use service like WhatsApp to greet your family living abroad and get to know what’s happening in their city. But it’s this kind of instances that makes us wonder could we make any better use of the technology given to us.

The Cops in Bengaluru city are now going to accept your complaints on WhatsApp. Yes, the popular messaging app has now become a way for citizens of Bengaluru to register complaints. You can reach the crime branch of the city via a WhatsApp text at +91-948 080 100. Mr Abhishek Goyal, DCP (Deputy Commissioner of Police) of city’s crime branch recently tweeted the announcement via his official Twitter handle.

Using social media channels to spread the awareness in the city had been their priority when the Department officially released the Twitter page. In case you didn’t know, the Bengaluru City Police has an official twitter handle where they actively run the campaigns to keep their citizens aware of the things happening in the city. Like issuing safety instruction for driving, as well as tweeting tips for Burglary Prevention and ATM Card Safety, these are some of the campaigns we find out during a quick search on their timeline.

If you’re a Bengaluru citizen, then we urge you to make use of this new service launched by the City Police, it would help the cops to understand your issues quickly and thus respond to you as soon as it’s possible. Because let’s face it, it isn’t convenient for people to run to the police station every time they face a problem.

It’s suffice to say that this WhatsApp service introduction would increase the interaction between citizens and their cops as it wouldn’t take you more than a minute to write up a complaint against an issue you’re facing in the city. Since the police department has become tech savvy in the past couple of months; you can hope to get your problems resolved sooner than later.

This instance showcases that we can use technology to make living better in any city. Does you city have this kind of service? Is it difficult for you to register complaints in your city? Let us know about it in the comments section below.


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