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How To Backup & Restore Whatsapp Chat Messages to Google Drive



WhatsApp Settings Cloud Backup

WhatsApp allows you take local backups always, and you might be able to transfer that backup to SD card in case you wanted to transfer it to other phone and use WhatsApp there. But finally, with the new version of WhatsApp, i.e. version 2.12.45, you will be able to backup chats and messages to Google Drive. Yes, the simplest and easiest way to recover messages as well, later on.

It is similar to how you backed up messages earlier on WhatsApp to the internal storage. But, here you will be able to link to your Google account and the backup will be uploaded to the Drive folder, so it stays in the cloud for an easier access. Only difference is, you will be using data network to upload it. Here’s how you can do it.

Firstly, it is supported on the latest WhatsApp version, you will need to download the 2.12.45 version, install it by obviously, allowing the external app installation under Security settings in your Android phone.

Now, once you have installed WhatsApp, ensure by going to the About section, that it is the 2.12.45 version. Once you have checked, now, under Settings you need to go to “Chat settings” and “Chat backup”. You’ll see a new message saying “Last Google Drive backup: Never”. And below that, will be the Google Drive settings.

WhatsApp Settings Cloud Backup

Setup the Backup frequency based on your preference, and Choose an account to backup to. You will be taken to the Google account’s preferences for permissions to be given to WhatsApp. Tap on OK and it will start taking the first backup, when you tap on “Back up now”. It will then take backups and upload them on regular basis, based on how you set it.

WhatsApp Chat Backup Google Drive

How to restore WhatsApp chat from Google Drive: It is as simple as it was while trying to restore content using your phone’s internal storage. While setting up the WhatsApp account, you just need to select Google Drive backup as the option for restoring it.


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