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Asus Z1 Titan with Snapdragon 830 & 6GB RAM – Fastest Android Phone ever?



Every concept phone ever created has a bling to it, and this trend starts either a designer believes that a company can pull off something of his/her rendition of their ext smartphone. We have seen concept phones of Samsung, HTC, LG and Apple; these brands have been in the smartphone industry for a long time. Newcomers like OnePlus and Xiaomi also had their fair share of concept phones, like recently we saw for the OnePlus 3 and Xiaomi’s Mi 5 has been in the news for a long time that people are starting to wonder whether the company would ever announce that phone.

But rumours aside, this latest concept phone, Asus Z1 Titan might be one of the most beautiful and powerful concept phones we have seen till date. Designed by Hege, a project by design named Mladen, posts the rendition of what his vision is for Asus, the Taiwanese electronic giant. The Designer not only showcases his design skills in the series of images posted, he also wonders what gives it a powerful specifications matching the status of the design.

The Z1 Titan is imagined to sport a massive 6GB of RAM, which is unlike any other smartphones having seen. This year we saw the trend of packing in 4GB of RAM, which is yet to go mainstream on all the flagships. While Asus Zenfone 2 was one of the first handset to approach this massive RAM race as its latest Zenfone flagship packs in 4GB of RAM. Now it is only right to imagine that the Taiwanese brand is capable of offering such huge amount of RAM on their next year’s flagship.

This time, there might not be the Intel processor inside an Asus phone, as visualized by the Hege. Qualcomm is likely to introduce Snapdragon 830 (coded as MSM8998) next year, which is rumoured to offer support up to 8GB of RAM. Earlier we also learnt that Samsung is likely working on an Exynos chipset that should support 6GB of RAM.

The device is also pictured with a 5.5-inch Super AMOLED display and Corning Gorilla Glass 5 protection. Othe things that are imagined by Mladen include a 256GB of internal storage, 16MP shooter on the rear and 5Mp snapper on the front for selfies. As well as a large 3500mAh battery, it is possible in this timeline as we have now a smartphone with 10000mAh capacity battery. So, there’s nothing impossible but a matter of time until technology is created for such things.

Anyhow, it is still an imagination of the artist. Although, we would definitely like if company hires this designer and work on to make this Titan a real thing.

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