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Archos VR Glasses Announced at $29.99 – Compatible with Most SmartPhones



Archos VR Glasses

Where the world was waiting for a truly affordable Virtual Reality headset to arrive, the Archos has made that possible with its newly announced VR Glasses. Jumping into the mobile virtual reality world, the French consumer electronics company wants to create waves in the wearables industry, with possibly its second wearable product in the market. First being the Woolen Hat called Music Beany, which allowed its users to play music.

The Archos VR Glasses will cost you $29.99, which is the most affordable set of VR glasses announced against the competition in the market. Company states that the headsets will go on sale from November this year, which is the nearest release than any other recently announced VR headsets.

Archos VR Glasses

The headset consists of a heavy-knit visor, which will strap onto your head, with a slot given at front to slide your smartphone into the place. It allows you to play back videos, as well as games while creating the effect of placing you into the scene in front of your eyes.

Company claims that their headsets are already compatible with over 100 virtual reality apps immersing you in the action. These apps would allow you to play virtual reality games, as well as you will be able to watch 3D movies and videos. For that would be needing an Archos Video Player app installed on your smartphone. And the company set to update this service soon, adding the stereoscopic mode at some point in the near future.

Archos recommends a Quad-core smartphone with a full high definition (1080p) screen. Though, you can slot in any Android, iOS and Windows Phone up to 6-inches. While on the comparison note, the Samsung Gear VR will cost you lump sum of money, as it only supports Galaxy Note 4 smartphone. Whereas the other recently announced VR glasses like AirVR and Carl Zeiss’s VR One headsets are priced relatively higher than Archos’s VR Glasses at $45 CAD and $99. It would be interesting to see more competition in this space of technology.

The device is pretty versatile at this price range, because the VR Glasses are yet to see interests from consumers. But form next month users would be able to experience immersive virtual reality on their smartphones at a relatively lower price, which will allow more enthusiasts to take interests in this technology.


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