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Apple’s 10th anniversary iPhone could be the most expensive iPhone yet



Apple is expected to launch a 10th anniversary iPhone this year which is supposed to bring some revolutionary changes to the iPhone lineup. It has been reported that Apple is betting big bucks on this variant of the iPhone, so don’t expect it to cost anything less than your current generation of iPhones. In fact, according to the new report which we have, it looks like Apple’s 10th anniversary iPhones are going to cost as high as $1,000 which if true, will break the record for being the most expensive iPhone ever launched by Apple till date.

Apple is currently offering iPhone 7 and the iPhone 7 Plus as current gen iPhones in the market. The top of the line 256GB Jet Black iPhone Plus is the most expensive iPhone in the market right now which is sold by Apple. The 256GB Jet Black iPhone 7 Plus costs $969 that roughly translates to about 64,900 INR. However, the 10th anniversary iPhone is expected to go one step further in terms of pricing as well and could cost you over $1,000. While this seems like a lot of money to spend on a smartphone, it is expected that this new iPhone will have great new features worth checking out.

According to the source, the 10th anniversary iPhone could be called an iPhone 8/X, which is not confirmed yet and it is indeed a debatable topic. Leaving that aside, this new iPhone is expected to sport an OLED display that runs across the entire front of the phone(just like those concept makers make it look like). Hence the fingerprint scanner will be embedded into the display. However, there are rumors that Apple will ditch the fingerprint scanner for a facial recognition system to unlock your iPhone. The display on the front will measure 5.8″ which is even bigger than the Plus variant in theory but should fit in perfectly since the bezels will be gone.

Other changes include a touch sensitive inlays instead of the side buttons to give it more seamless feel. We have no info on the internal hardware yet. However, we bet it is surely going to be one powerful iPhone, after all, it costs so much. If you are worried about the new iPhone costing so much, then don’t panic as the company is also expected to launch iPhone 7s and the iPhone 7s Plus just like every time. These two iPhones will closely resemble your current gen iPhones will minor changes internally, and the prices of these seem to be on the fair end of spectrum i.e. well within the $1,000 mark unless you want to shed some cash on the Jet Black, top of line iPhone.

Having said that, the OLED will only be seen on the 10th-anniversary edition iPhone and is expected to become a standard display for iPhones from next year. However, the 10th anniversary iPhone is going to be one of those smartphones which we always dreamt. Seeing it become a reality is every smartphone enthusiasts dream, and we can’t wait to see what Apple will have to offer. With that said, let us know what do you think the 10th-anniversary iPhone? Do you think it will be worth the price and would you be interested in buying one? Stay tuned to PhoneRadar for more info like this.


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