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Apple Wins $120 Million Verdict Against Samsung in Patent Infringement Case



Apple & Samsung are like arch rivals and it can also be stated that one makes other better with competition. But when one copies another’s idea it isn’t pretty at all, as it always ends up in a hectic lawsuit. That will be unhealthy for both parties, but it has to happen and it will happen. Which is why Apple has been fighting Samsung about the patents of Slide-to-unlock as well as autocorrect.

The Apple Vs Samsung case that has been going on since April 2011 has now a new verdict during the second trial. The case that has been going on since half decade saw ruled in favour of South Korean giant earlier in February. A three-judge appeals panel stripped away Apple’s win by quoting that one patent wasn’t infringed, while other two were said to be invalid.

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This time around Apple got the full court to bring up their case back. What looked like a solid defence win for Samsung has suddenly slipped away during the second litigation in Apple Vs Samsung case. It happened due to an opinion issued earlier today by the full US Court of Appeals for Federal Circuit. Samsung, unfortunately, didn’t win a single ally even with three judges who sided them.

Restoring Apple’s win entirely on an 8-3 vote ruling, it is said by U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit that three-judge panel was wrong to throw out the $120 million verdict in February. Do make a note that court order trial judge to consider increasing the judgement on any intentional infringement by Samsung.

This decision came in a time when less than a week ago the U.S. Supreme Court considering another case that Cupertino giant has filed against South Korean handset maker. That case is going to be argued in Washington on Tuesday. It is focussed in how much Samsung should choke out for copying the patented iPhone’s designs from Apple. Together these cases are the remainder of the global legal battle between world’s largest tech companies.

To jog up your memory, in the case Apple won back the verdict, they filed that Samsung infringed patents for the Slide-to-unlock feature, autocorrect and detection of phone numbers. The biggest part of the award money, $98.7 million was for the detection patent, which earlier panel said wasn’t infringed. Two remaining patents were said to be invalid in the decision by three-judge panel happened in February this year.

The option released by the full court that is said to be written by Judge Kimberly Moore said to completely rejected the earlier findings. Saying that the reversal of nearly a dozen jury fact findings by three-judge panel went too far. It involved infringement, prior art, copying and other things that matter. Duly note that only three judges from original panel dissented, as they were holding that Samsung should win it.


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