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Apple Watch 2 with GPS, Better Waterproofing, Faster Processor to Launch Soon



There is a lot of anticipation seen – and still coming in – for the new iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, as whole world is waiting for Apple’s announcement this fall. But there hasn’t been a single concrete report of whether the Cupertino is going to upgrade it’s first ever smartwatch or not. In a surprised news, now there is a report coming in from a well-connected analyst Ming-chi Kuo that we might be seeing the new Apple wearable in the coming six months.

As per report, Kuo believes that Apple is planning not one but two new Apple Watch versions in the second of 2016. They are supposed to be offering moderate improvements over the original model introduced in 2014. It has been two years, and the wearable enthusiasts might have been wondering where is the next Apple Watch. For many brands, it is obvious to refresh the model every year. But here we are talking about the Apple, so, it goes in unusual ways.

Over the years since the introduction of the wearables in much broader form, as Google introduced the Android Wear, this arena has seen a lot of development. But is still faraway from producing that jewel we all would love. Though, many Smartwatch has failed to amaze the potential users worldwide, the Apple Watch has garnered great attention despite of its higher pricing model. Apple after introduction of the watch, announced several upgrade to the WatchOS. They have even launched different straps with availability on offline stores.

Talking about the specifications of these new Apple Watch, it is reported that one model will be a major improvement in the lines of older iteration. You can expect to sport similar aesthetics but improvements in internals would be present. Such as faster TSMC processor, which would be built on 16nm process. There could be slight improvement in waterproofing capability, which would make it appealing to certain set of users.

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While talking about the second version, well, which would be dubbed as Apple Watch 2, is reportedly going to sport similar design language. But will pack a GPS radio and barometer for faster geolocation services. You can also expect a higher capacity battery, which would be needed to power advanced components.

Kuo doesn’t expect that Apple will do any changes to its wearable offering in next year. While he expects a major upgrade in the year of 2018, where it is possible that company may introduce radical changing to the design as well as the introduction of more health applications as potentially, FDA approvals start coming in.

The interesting part is that, despite with not much of a design change this year as well, Kuo is raising fiscal 2016 predictions between 10 to 11 million units, which is up form 7 to 7.5 million units.


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