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Apple Support iOS App is now available in the U.S



Last month Apple launched the new standalone iOS app for Apple support in Netherland. While launching an official app for something like this might seem like overkill for most people, but it is a great idea indeed. And now after a month from its official rollout in Netherlands, the company has decided to roll out the same in U.S as well. Having a Support app like this always comes handy since it allows you troubleshoot basic issues without having to visit the Apple store. Talking about the app itself, it offers a variety of different features and functions. First of all, to start with, it shows yu exactly which model you own, and it will give all the details about your device along with any other Apple product which is linked to the same iCloud account.

The Apple Support also has a lot of articles on various troubleshooting method for basic known issues and stuff like that based on the products you have. And if all this is not enough for you, then you can also schedule an appointment with a technician at the nearest Apple Store. Alternatively, you can also call, chat or send an E-mail with your queries in order to save you a visit or two to the Apple Store. With all these features, we do believe that this app will be of great help for most people. However, since it is a relatively new app, it will not take us by surprise if there are bugs, etc. We also hope that it can handle the amount of activity, now that it has been released in the U.S.

However, considering the fact that the app was available in Netherlands for about a month, the developers must have ensured the reliability. And at this point, having an app like this is really great especially for Apple customers due to the amount of issues that are arising with their devices lately. Recently we saw that the iPhone 6 Plus was having an issue with the display post which we have an ongoing issue with the iPhone 6s smartphone regarding the battery. And yesterday we also saw that the new watchOS 3.1.1 has been bricking a lot of Apple Watch series 2 as well. According to the reports, when the users are trying to update their watch to the latest version, the watch is getting bricked rendering it completely useless.

The only thing you can do is either try force resetting the device or take to the nearest Apple store or either a replacement unit or possible repair. And hence with all these issues lurking around, having a Support App like this would definitely help a lot of customers to save a visit to the Apple Store. With that said, the app is only available in Netherlands and the U.S as of now. But on the flip side, the company also confirmed that more countries will be able to benefit from this app very soon in coming weeks. Hence stay tuned to PhoneRadar for more info on that.


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