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Apple Sued by Chinese Company for Copying App Store Icon Design, Asked to Apologize



Apple and Qualcomm are accusing each other over several patent infringements. In the past, Apple was also involved in several patent infringement cases. Then there is also a whopping EUR 13 billion fine slashed on Apple by EU over breaking the EU laws. Coming to China, the company is now involved in a new lawsuit with the local clothing brand called KON. KON has the copyright of its logo which looks similar to the App Store logo in the current iOS and MacOS.

Back in August this year, Apple replaced the App Store logo consisting of pencil, ruler, and paintbrush with the new logo featuring three plain sticks (kind of) on iOS and MacOS. According to KON, the new logo of the App Store on iOS and MacOS is a clear violation of the Chinese copyright law. The Chinese company is now demanding Apple to publically apologize in the national media and pay the compensation for economic loss occurred.

It even wants Apple to stop selling the devices containing the logo of the KON brand. Currently, the Beijing People’s Court has accepted this case, and the judgment can be expected in the next couple of weeks. It will be interesting to see what happens if the judgement comes in favor of KON. Last year, Apple lost the case against the maker of leather products for the iPhone trademark in China.

However, the company later settled directly with the company. Every year, we witness at least a few lawsuits against Apple. There is also a case filed against Apple by an Indian company called Vyooh. The Indian software maker is fighting with Apple over the use of the word “SplitView” on iPad. The SplitView is the feature on iPad, where two apps can be opened like the split-screen multitasking on Android.


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